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Engaging with the NHS on Social Media

I want to engage with the NHS online, to learn about developments, to be informed when I read articles in the paper etc. The best way for me to do this would be via social media. The problem is when I search NHS on twitter there is a myriad of different accounts for regions and areas etc.

Much of the content is quite specialised and un-engaging. Where should I start?


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Maybe not exactly what you're driving at but there's a good discussion around the NHS use of social media at the #nhssm and it's explained here nhssm.org.uk/

The whole 'myriad' of accounts/regions/acronyms and the unengaging content isn't just an issue for social media. In 2010 there was a big critique of the pointlessness of having over 3000 different websites serving the NHS, although that was rejected in due course by the Department of Health hsj.co.uk/news/technology/n...


Plus @NHSChoices do quite a good job on twitter


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