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stress itch ?


my stress is so bad I nearly cut my legs off last night, the itching on both shins is horrendous despite all the creams and holistic stuff, keeps me awake most of night, worst last 3 nights. Used to get it over 12 years ago before I had MECFS & Fibromyalgia & nerve issues sometimes but nowhere near as bad & we put it down then to stress.

I have been experienced extra stress last couple of weeks

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Hello. I'm so sorry for the anquish you must be feeling. I have a neuropathy condition that's being investigsted. In the meantime I'm trying to find out as much as possible about the health problems I have and if they are connected to the neuropathic symptoms I'm experiencing. Could you tell me what those initials represent in your post. I feel the more understanding I have the more informed I will be when talking to consultants and doctors.

I am pre-diabetic, have bronchiectasis, kidney disease as well as high blood pressure and cholestrol. I believe the neuropathy sensations are linked to one of my health conditions.

What nerve issues do you experience and how are they dealt with? I hope you feel you can help me in any way you think. Many thanks. Chrys

Hi Chrys, ME is same as CFS which is chronic fatigue syndrome. My pain clinic said I have an overloaded central nervous system, basically I've been stressed for such a long period hence all these issues and when I went back for results of spine MRI I was seen by the head of pain clinic who told me nothing they can do other than supplying strong opiates. I'm very disappointed as I was led to believe that they were going to get to the bottom of my issues, in fact I'm extremely angry & may go private. You can rid yourself of diabetes within 3 months on a strict diet, look up Dr John Bergman on YouTube.

My blood pressure is erratic to the extreme as is my heart rate, I also have low oxygen levels in the blood, I don't know if this is related to anything else, I have to wait to see cardiologist after being discharged from hypertension & stroke clinic.

It certainly sounds like I have bronchiectasis as well after just looking it up.

I wish you well.

Thank you so much for your reply. Sorry I haven't replied earlier but am getting over a chest infection. You certainly have a lot to deal with. With the lighter nights and better weather to look forward to lets hope it goes a long way to us feeling a lot better.

Best wishes for now, chrys

Oh it can't come soon enough, I so love the warm weather & sunshine

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