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Stuttering and fine motor skills


Hello everyone I hope you’re doing well lots of prayers and hugs your way and lots of love from the Lord your way. Well I’m still going for my lymphedema treatments so I get them done every four days I finally got good news today that they are starting to work so I am very optimistic and positive and very thankful to the Lord and to my husband to my family and just everybody and saw you out there for your support I got a long road ahead of me I’m having problems with fine motor skills stuttering trying to get the words out It could be from my concussion syndrome I don’t know my muscles are feeling better but yet Very tired and sluggish. I still do my leg up so every day I do my DDP yoga chair warrior workout my Lymphedema specialist page of exercises and my husband who used to be a bodybuilder has taught me how to do leg up exercises and ,hold them up as long as I can to help with my ,atrophy , neuropathy etc. It’s very painful but I do only what my body can take and I take baclofen for my muscles 💪🏼 All that matters is that you try and arrange your body around what you can do as long as it something they get your mobile and active it’s exercise and the endorphins that are released makes me feel really happy and so I’m really happy even though I’m in pain but that’s because the endorphins are helping me and I know I’m doing all that I can. I just want all of you out there to know that we love you support you were here for each other God is protecting watching over all of us and may he take away all your pain Or most of it and bless you with happy days precious memories And happy times in life and enjoying life every day as tomorrow is never promised so live for today every day amen 🙏

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👏👏👏 So proud of you franklin. Keep up the good work. Never give up sweetie. Keep your faith strong and He will enable you to endure and overcome...I’m living proof of this!!!

Sending you gentle gentle hugs 🤗 much love 💗 healing kisses 😘 and prayers 🙏.

Love you sweetie EJ


Ty EJ! I am also so proud of you and I’m blessed to have you as a friend with inspirational words and a kindred grace about you sweetie I am sending hugs 🤗 and prayers amen 🙏 God bless you today and everyday. You keep strong 💪🏼

Awww thank you franklin.

You too are an inspiration and the blessings you shower not only me but all of HU members is so abundant.

Thank you for your strong faith and lovingkindness.

May He always bless and keep you safely in His lovings arms. May He guide your medical teams in their care of you that leads to a full healing and recovery. May your marriage be blessed and your union be strengthened as you make this difficult journey together.

I pray that you are blessed strengthened and protected all the days of your life.

Take care my sweet friend.

Sending you lots of gentle gentle hugs kisses and love.

EJ. 🤗🌸🌿🦋🙏🤗💗😘😇🕊🤝✝️💜

Hi franklin

Good Morning Franklin

Thanks for all your encouraging words as we do our best to move forward with our day.

Good morning Mottsie hope you’re doing well and I hope you are enjoying life. My prayers are with you amen 🙏 hugs 🤗 to a wonderful friend and I believe that the good lord has me here to do just that! Inspire and create positivity and support and strength and compassion and courage to help others and if I reach a lot of people I can help them by being supportive and caring and that’s what life is truly about! Life is precious and so are all of you. God bless you always amen 🙏

That’s so beautiful! Thank you 😊 and the same for you. I’ve been struggling recently my hips been going out and then my legs want to give out so I can’t walk too good and I am going through my line for the Lymphedema Treatments it is painful but it is working slowly but Shirley. I hope I can get into the compression stockings soon and be out of the wraps as they feel like cars my legs itch like crazy I get cramps and Charlie horses sometimes and I still do my exercises in the chair every day to keep the blood flow and circulation going and my hip is really bad so I’m struggling with keeping a positive attitude as best they can. My husband has been a godsend he such a blessing he takes such good care of me and helps me so much of my medical team housemate the nurse comes out I have every four days they re-wrap my legs and yeah my legs my one leg is discoloured from my blood being not good in that leg but it is helping us some fluid is gone and I went down the whole clothing size so I’ve lost more than 14 pounds now and I’ll know exactly how much I’ve lost in January and I know we’re all having hard times out there and I have been on here for a little bit because I was really sick here and out of commission for a little bit and I just want you to know that I love you all and you’re so good to me and you’re all an inspiration to me and may the Lord protect your house and your family and your spouses or your loved ones your friends everybody and blesses you with lots of love and hugs and inspiration and good tidings this season and a new year with much health and good happiness and less pain for all of us! Amen 🙏

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