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Feet neuropathy,aches


my mum is 74 her results: tsh:2,78 (levothyroxine 100) ferritin 13, VIT D3:58.0, b12:318,she's taking 1000mg of b12 supplements,also d3 supplements,she also is diabetic even though she takes drugs for diabetes sometimes glicemia in the morning goes higher than 8,also high cholesterol and triglyceride also using drugs for that,foot neuropathy aches,and edema on the legs,any advice plesae??

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My suggestion is if the medication isn't working; she definitely needs to modify her diet which is what I did for my neuropathy. I eat a low carb diet and low sugar diet. I find this has helped tremendously with my cholesterol and neuropathy. Also, I would go back to the doctor. Something sounds wrong with her sugar being so high in the morning unless she's eating late at night???

Lispuhiza in reply to Boxer30

Thank you boxer30,late in the evening she eats friuts,but not all te time,doctor says it's normal having blood sugar 8 in the morning 🙁 because she's old,I'm really disappointed,thanks again.

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