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My full body scan


Well I found out why my spine hurts so bad? I have affected vertebrae and I have Degenerative discs disease narrowing of the discs and degenerative knees and I was told there’s no cure at least I know why my spine hurts so bad and why my legs try to give out well I am walking. Now this new news is on top of all my other ailments like Ostio and Neuropathy all over 2 torn shoulders a broken knee that has effusion and won’t heal and my left foot 3rd &4th metatarsal are broken split in half laying side by side and I have a squished elbow cushion and have edema and my umbilical hernia won’t quit growing and I am now having to wear leg compression stockings and I have to get Leg Compression Testing done in a couple weeks. My goal is too stay positive and hope for the best and make the best out of life and make most of everyday amen.

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I am sorry that you have been diagnosed with something else but you are a very positive person and you will cope. If that was me I would be saying "why me" but you take it all in your stride. Big hugs xxxx

franklin1970 in reply to Karjade

Ty big hugs to you. I try to stay positive upbeat as if we spend all our time negative then we miss out on even the small things and I’m sure we all miss things were not physically able to do anymore but do enjoy the things we can do!

I am so sorry to hear your final diagnosis; I am hoping that you fund some peace at least knowing what it is...I have become sicker and sicker and I honestly do not know what is going on with me? I do know that if I do not eat; my feet feel wonderful and when I eat my feet become unbearable and feel like 10,000 cockroaches are under my skin. I went to my gastro doctor 12 times last year and I had a colonoscopy but not an endoscopy. They FINALLY scheduled one for the 28th of September. Being that I started medication I am now able to recognize what my symptoms are triggered from....I HAVE to get into the gastro earlier and I'm requesting both an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Colo-rectal cancer runs in my family and my mind is wondering whether or not a tumor is pushing up against something when I get gassy or waste begins to fill my colon. I'm honestly scared and I even thought do I have a worm inside me? I know that sounds crazy but my mind is wondering. Hopefully, they see my point of view and get me in ASAP. I'll be in touch. I hope they at least give you medication to make you feel better. Prayers!

franklin1970 in reply to Boxer30

Ty for sharing your journey and yes I hope they can help you and figure it out! Honestly I am so overwhelmed with the pain lack of sleep and I see my g. P. I am asking them to give me a new sleeping pill to sleep and they can’t give me no pain relief. I pray you don’t have a tumour and you get helped ASAP! What foods help you lower your pain levels?

Boxer30 in reply to franklin1970

I find that cutting out the carbohydrates really helps a lot. Also, lowering my sugar intake. I had a peaceful weekend just eliminating those two. For some reason, carbs make my nerves swell hence more pain. I do have more tests to complete. It's so hard with working full time. Do you find you sweat a lot? I notice that when I'm running around; I just sweat so much. I try to fight the pain and go on but it's becoming hard. It's also hard to get all of these tests done especially since I had been sick most of the year and having to take days off before i was diagnosed.

franklin1970 in reply to Boxer30

ya Boxer30 that must be so hard for you balancing a job and this cruel diseases that suck the energy out of you especially after exercising, but exercising releases good endorphins and makes us feel better. Yes I do sweat when pain is bad and I think it’s our body’s way of reacting to the pain. This is hard for all of us and I am like you right now I feel helpless and I wake up my husband, as he wakes up if I move out of bed. I can only sleep till pain sets in my spine my body hurts so bad it wakes me up and I have to move positions to try to get comfortable. My husband works 6 days a week 14-15 hrs a day. I alone and finding it difficult lately I cry a lot as I having such bad flare ups and when I get some relief I stop crying. We know that when we’re in pain we’re very vulnerable and suffering and we try to hide the pain from our loved ones and friends for we not want them to worry about us. Ty for the info on carbohydrates and sugar intake. I will try to cut back even more. I hope you’re doing good!

Fudge57 in reply to franklin1970

Hi I'm just wondering if you have been referred to the pain clinic it would seen you need help with some pain control I know this is a late reply but I've only just read your post sorry

franklin1970 in reply to Fudge57

Yes been seeing Spain specialist Doctor for years now and he’s awesome always trying to help me and we pray together.

Hi franklin 😊💗🌿🌸

Sorry about my delayed response I’ve been sick.

Oooooh you poor thing...I’m sooo sorry about your body scan results.

Sending you gentle gentle hugs 🤗 and lots of healing love sweetie.

Bless you 🙏🙏🙏. 😘😘😘

EJ 😊🌸🌿🦋🙏

Ty honeybug! I don’t sleep My friend passed away and I keep pushing on and trying to stay positive! Honeybug how are you doing sweetie?

Ohhh dear franklin...I’m sooo very sorry to hear this tragic news. My heart breaks 💔 for your loss. Please accept my sincerest sympathy sweetie.

I wrote a poem of comfort and read it at my mother’s memorial for my dad. Since then I have sent it to many grieving people and they found comfort in it.

I will send it to you if you will PM me your email address dear.

Again I’m so sorry for your loss.

My love 💗 compassionate hugs 🤗 and prayers 🙏 to you sweetie.

I’m always here for you when you need to chat dear.

EvaJo 😊🌸🌿🦋🙏

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