Pregnant or not?!

Hi, I was 42 says since start of LMP on Saturday when I had a slight bleed (nothing much) and then same again on Sunday. There is nothing so far today....I have had irregular periods like every 28-36 day cycle, but the last time I had any sort of spotting was when I was pregnant with my daughter 6 years ago so im a little confused. I have had symptoms however on Fri 12th I did a test which was neg and then did another on Weds 17th. I am awaiting referral to a fertility specialist but am hoping this was implantation bleeding...anyone else had a similar experience?? :-)

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  • Could be, test seven days from implantation bleeding :)

  • Thanks, went to Drs last week and they told me to do a test on Weds however this was before the bleeding so will wait and see....fingers crossed :-)

  • Have they taken any bloods of you to measure your HCG levels? I did a home pregnancy test on 15th Feb which was negative but I had a scan yesterday which said I was 13wks 4days pregnant. The blood test are more accurate than some tests I would say. My bloods were taken and my hormone levels were 2000 and I was 7 weeks pregnant. They have got to be higher than 35 I think the GP said.

  • Hi, not had any bloods yet - did another home test last night which was -ve so waiting to see the consultant at the end of the week.

    I will take another test maybe friday as if it was implantation bleed then the test wouldnt show until 4-5 days after according to things i've read :-) thanks

  • Do the test first thing in the morning as it will be a stronger reading. I did a clear blue test once in the morning and it said 3weeks and then did another at night as was in denial and it said 1-2weeks so I lost a week mid wee somewhere :-)

  • Cheers, I will keep you updated! :-) x

  • Finally having a hcg blood test tomorrow....fingers crossed!

  • Sooooo.......what was the result of the blood tests?

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