38 weeks, just found a little lump in my breast

Hi everyone,

I am 38 weeks. After having had a shower and applying oil on belly and breasts, I found a little lump in my left breast, about one cm above the nipple. It is about the size of a pea, doesn't hurt when I touch it and it seems to be easy to move it a bit under the skin. Has anyone had the same, could this be a result of my breasts producing milk and preparing for feeding? I have a doctor's appointment on May 1st for my 41 weeks chat at the hospital I'm planning to give birth, should I wait until then or see a doctor or call my midwife earlier? Any advice would be appreciated...

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  • I think you must call the GP immediately, lump in the breast could be anything and can be malicious at times. But its always good to get them checked from a GP as soon as you discover them !

  • Get to your gp ASAP, could be due to milk production, but best to be safe xxx

  • Hi I would see your GP asap as it may be nothing but its best to get this checked out its best to be on the safe side

  • My boobs got quite lumpy in the week or so before I gave birth and I was assured it was just them gearing up to feed baby so try not to worry.

    As the ladies above have suggested perhaps give your midwife a ring (or use the triage service at your GP if you have one) just to describe it to them and have your mind put at ease x

  • It's most likely a galactocoele (milk filled cyst), or simple cyst/fibroadenoma, but you should get it checked out. X

  • There's a really good NHS produced 'your breasts during pregnancy' booklet out there - might be worth a google as I'm sure it will be available as a PDF xx

  • Thanks so much for your answers and DrFluffy for posting the link to the booklet. Strangely enough, the lump has almost completely gone away over night but I'll give my GP and midwife a call anyway just to be sure. Thanks again!

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