Need some advice pls!!

I suffer with bad constipation anyway and ibs...but it's so much worse the last couple of weeks I've been taking syrup of figs for a laxative but I need something to really help..I am drinking more but not so great on the fruit and veg front...can I take senna? I usually need about 6-8senna to go to the toilet normally 2 doesn't make any difference,I had to come off Prozac ..which really stomach is really bloated and I feel so uncomfortable it's really making me feel fed up! Any advice pls x

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  • Hi, sorry I can't advise on whether you can take senna but I have found going to the toilet much easier since I have been eating all bran cereal ( there are some nice flavours not all plain). I did ring the doctor at one point and she told me to get Lactulose which you can get over the counter at the pharmacy if you tell them what it's for. Hope you get sorted soon take care xx

  • Love all bran makes me really bloated but will try it couldn't stomach any cereals cos of morning sickness but will give it a go again Thanks x

  • Hi there, I have been to the GP with the same constipation problem, no amount of water, fruit and veg or prunes and prune juice worked for me, I was told by the doctor NOT to take senna, but was prescribed lactulose which is safe to use during pregnancy and has helped me get into a regular pattern again.

  • Haha posted this at the same time xxx

  • we did! hehe

  • No - senna is a pregnancy no no. I would see your GP. Some lactulose or movicol might be appropriate, but should be discussed. Xx

  • Ohh I have got some movicol used take it but started gag when I took it....I might see if it's still in date and give it a go. ..lactolose just gives me really really bad wind like can't be in same room wind! Thanks guys x

  • I've found lactulose to be absolutely invaluable post-partum, to treat the constipation that results from my 3rd-degree tear not having fully healed yet. It can take a few days for it to be fully effective, so you might find that if you wait it out the wind problem resolves once you've had a good clearout. However, as DrFluffy has pointed out, this is a serious enough matter to warrant a discussion with your GP before you go self-prescribing laxatives.

  • Did go my g.p before it got bad and told him I was taking syrup of figs then went to see another dr and he said just eat more oats. . But it's Def got worse after i had a stomach upset a few Weeks back. .. But will see the the g.p Mon is like my ibs symtoms are back in full force! :( Thanks for all the info x

  • Hiya, I had this problem a few weeks back and wasn't able to go for over a week - I was advised to take fybogel which you can get from boots or any chemist and is fine to take whilst pregnant. You have to take a sachet of it in the morning and at night and then after a few days it really helps you go! Hope you get it sorted! ;o) x

  • Hiya had it Years ago but it just bloats me. .. I've been advised not have to much fibre in diet weird i know. .my ibs is really bad. . It's just worse now because I'm pregnant and of the medication that really helps. ..:( just have to see what my g.p says tmw I don't feel as bloated today but I've hardly eaten much. .But thanks hun xx

  • did you tried prune juice yet ??that really helped me.

    Also try squatting

  • hi

    sorry but i doint know what is senna.

    spaek to you gp, they will probably give you lactulose o something else safe.

    it really worked for me! thankfully :)

  • Fybrogel is fab and fine to take during pregnancy.

    It mixes into a fairly pleasant orange drink but works a treat

  • Hope you have managed to get some relief :-) not nice having its and constipation :-(

  • Not yet few little pebbles. . I'm used to that is just much worse now I'm pregnant the bloating is ridiculous and uncomfortable and I feel sick is horrible and morning sickness had gone but now feel like this! ! Thou do feel bit better today thanks hun xx

  • Oh I hear ya!!! I'm taking lactulose, drinking so much water, veg, fruit, fibre, you name it.... Yet Nuffink!!!! Check out my blOg in 5 minutes, pic included!!

  • I had this problem after labour. Lactulose didn't work for me but movicol was amazing. Song know if it's safe during pregnancy but it is the best laxative which helped me. Hope your situation resolves soon

  • i hadnt been for a number two for 6 weeks when in hospital. so before they put the tube down to my bowel, they gave me 15mls of lactulose twice a day. its not to relieve constipation just soften it slightly. it gave me bad wind and after 6 weeks of not going and few prods to say they couldnt feel a stool, i ended up with a tube down my nose to my bowel. to keep it working.

    try the lactulose for a longer period. x

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