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What will my waters breaking feel like?


I'm 33+3 weeks with my first, and I'm generally feeling wetter down there than at any other time in my pregnancy. I've been wearing panty liners since I first found out I was pregnant as my discharge increased, and I could change it during the day while i was at work if need be, without having to change my pants as well.

But in the past few days I feel really, welll soggy for want of a better description. I'm going to give it another few days before I call my midwife, as I'm unsure if it could be down to the fact that I purchased another brand of panty liner to what I've been using. Maybe they're not as good? So I've switched back to see if that helps. But could that be my waters leaking out?

And if not, how will I know if when my waters do break? Will it be a gush or a trickle and will I actually feel it bursting or will I only feel the waters leaving? Any experiences anyone can share so I know what to expect would be great! Thanks in advance! X

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U should go and get it checked today. .. It could be your waters. ..a very slow trickle. .I sneezed and felt like I'd wet myself it felt exactly the same as having a wee it kept coming out everytime I moved about. . But Def get checked out. . Keep a pad on they will be able to use a stick with some thing on the top that changes colourif it is it waters is as easy as that x

Your waters breaking can either be a small trickle over time which would mean there has been a slight rupture and you are leaking fluid. Or it's like a water balloon popping and you will have an uncontrollable gush of water. Any concerns call the midwife, they want to make sure you and baby are ok. I've been up at the hospital twice with issues in the last two weeks weeks and they couldn't have been more helpful. I wasn't made to feel like I was wasting their time. They are there to help.

39 weeks and waiting. Xxxx

Around 24 weeks I had a bit if a fright, I like you have increased discharge throughout my pregnancy, but one night I felt a small gush of liquid, ran to the bathroom my knickers were wet, didn't smell of urine, there was no smell and it was just liquid. Went to the maternity assessment unit the next morning, they did. Few tests, all was fine, plus an internal had to wait till next day for results, as I was no longer leaking per say, the midwife said if its your amniotic fluid, it could be a constant small trickle but you will wet a pad or a gush that obvious and you soak everything!

So further tests revealed that I internal thrush, I had no itching! So I was given a pessary and cream, I can honestly say since treating this my discharge and wetness has decreased massively. Maybe get heckled for thrush!

You should not wait to be checked out, to me you seem to have too much wetness and if your changing pads a few times a day this sounds extreme, could be fine but please get checked today, take the pad, coz they test the fluid to see if its wee or amniotic fluid.

Good luck x

*checked or thrush* sorry predictive text

I don't feel like I'm constantly leaking, for instance, I'm only using thin panty liners not normal sanitary pads, and I rarely have to change because it's too wet, it's mostly just for freshness and as I've had thrush pre pregnancy I wanted to be extra careful on the hygiene front. The discharge i've had throughout my pregnancy is nothing like what i had when i had thrush a few years back. At night when I've only got my pyjama bottoms on, I don't soak them through the night, I wake feeling damp with a little dampness on them but nothing major.

I'll phone up this morning and see what they say. It could be thrush but just different now that i'm pregnant. More than anything I think I'm trying to talk myself out of it being my waters, I'm only 33 and a half weeks! I haven't even finished packing a hospital bag!

Thanks for replying everyone x

I think everyone e experiences breaking waters differently - some a big gush,some a little trickle and everything in between. When my waters went (I was on the one to my mum) and felt an internal pop with a desire to go to the loo - some came out then but I then kept getting more come out a little each time with each contraction.

I had exactly that with my 2nd baby. I just kept a panty liner on all the time, sometimes it would just trickle out, really embarrasing, I rang my midwife and I went onto a ward at my local hosp where they did an internal to check if it was my waters or not but it was just the baby pushing on my bladder.

With my first, i just moved myself back on the hospital bed and my waters popped, I thought I had wet myself but the pad I was wearing was all green and smelt not very nice. The 2nd baby I was asleep in bed and then woke up when I felt it trickling down my leg. It is warm like wee but smells different.

I haven't had the blessing of waters trickling out, first waters went with a pop over the might I add :-) (bonus) lol, second waters whilst in labour bag popped out and midwife burst them for me, third time I've yet to find out maybe this time ill be graced with them breaking before delivery :-!

*over the loo

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