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Not so in control!

Today I went to see the diabetic midwife and consultant:)

Urine - clear

BP- perfect

Anemia - my levels are still low but have Risen from 9 to 11.5 :)

Gestational diabetes - out of control :(

Even though I have cut out ice cream, chocolate and crisps, reduced my portion sizes and taking 3x metformin a day, my levels overnight (fasting) are well over the acceptable limit, and some levels during the day and evening are still too high :(

So I went to see another diabetic nurse, she showed me how to inject myself, I'm starting this tonight, doesn't look too painful.

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself and also just nervous, I'm scared that something will happen to my baby!

The sensible bit of me says millions of women with diabetes have healthy babies, but as always there is a horror story to read!

I hope this dose sorts me out, will find out soon enough, if my levels are still high by Thursday I have to call them then I just give myself a higher dose.

Anyone got GD or had GD and had a lovely healthy baby?

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Oh bless you, u have tried your best...can't do no more, hope that the injections sort it all out and your blood sugars come down...sometimes life is bloody hard! Just as long as u and bubba are ok that's the main thing... Xx


My cousin has type 1 diabetes. Her little boy is now 6 and healthy n happy xxx


Hey sweetie, i actually don;t know anything about this area, but all i can say is do not worry until you have too. Be positive, i know it's hard, everything will be fine...

Also, stop reading stories online, its the worst thing ever... It drives you crazy!

Keep us posted! Kithes xx


You can only do what you are doing... being meticulous and following the advice given to you. Hopefully DrFluffy's comment about her cousin provides some reassurance and I agree with Duppy wean off the google! It is hard because we all know information is out there potentially but for the most part I believe it to be mostly questionable/subjective and too many people go into such details about the bad things that have happened (albeit those stories have a place if the person reading has also had a bad experience but not so good if you're at the research stage).

Fingers crossed the injections will help and you know what to do if your levels don't improve!



Thanks ladies, took my first insulin last night, but no change in my levels this morning :(


Heya hun, i have type 1 diabetes and im currently 28 weeks gone with my 2nd. I was only diagnosed last june so this is my first experience of being a pregnant diabetic.

When you get to roughly 24 weeks, you develop insulin resistance due to hormone changes so you need more insulin.

You need to increase your rapid acting insulin for your meals to stabilise your sugar levels and test your finger every 3-4 hours to keep an eye on it.

A tip for injecting - some places on your body are better to inject than others - i inject in my sides/hips and the insulin is more effective - whenever i inject anywhere else, the insulin never seems to work and i need a lot more.

Also if you have any stretch marks on your side, inject into them , sounds unusual but you dont feel the needle or injection at all, not even a sting - might be a useful tip :) x


Hey I don't have GD but have been type 1 for 11 years, and 7 weeks ago I gave birtb to a perfect little girl. You are doing everything you can. Don't beat yourself up, because stress an make your numbers climb. Take youe insulin, and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. It's probably the best thing you can do for you and your baby. Good luck. Xxx


Thank you char17000 and ickleme, it's good to hear success :) and thanks for the tip about where to inject I injected in my thigh, so will try my hip tonight see if this makes a difference :)

I'm feeling a bit more Positive today, and I'm good at focusing on new challenges so this is what I'm gonna do :)


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