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40weeks+6 days and not offered a sweep


Hi, I'm over 40 weeks now and had an appointment at hospital yesterday. There the doctor I felt was no help. He didn't know why I was there and that I was overdue,listened to baby heartbeat for 2 seconds and that was it. My babies head isn't fully down and he said I will be induced on monday. (10 days over) I asked about the stretch and sweep to which he said its not proven to work and if I wanted it I would have to make another appointment. You could tell he just didn't want to do it. Couldn't be bothered.When getting home and reading the leaflet they give you on induction,it says that they normally do a stretch and sweep first. Am I right in thinking that this doctor just couldn't be bothered and try and get an appointment with my own gp for a sweep.I would say my midwife but can never get hold of her. I really don't want my labour to be induced as I think its all quite invasive and there can be risks. Surely doctors should try less invasive methods first? Thankyou

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if it didn't really work then they wouldn't do it to anyone would they! he sounded like a lovely Dr!! I would def ring you're midwife dept today and really have a few stern words!! and say that ure going to complain, I would be fuming! my consultant gave me 2 sweeps with my Son one at 37 weeks and one a week later and I had him 9 days early, had it done with my second son but it didn't work, but its well known to help when ur overdue! not good enough by the sounds of it!!

If the baby's head isnt down it is usually difficult to reach the membrane so this may be why. You don't have to be induced partic if there is no reason other than dates, +10 sounds quite early for just overdue. I too would ring and explain how the appt left you feeling. In the meantime if practical unprotected sex meant to be your best chamce cos of prostaglandins in semen!!! Good luck, and if it does come down to induction, it doesnt have to be all bad I was induced with number 1 and apart from not beimg able to use water didnt feel it restricted me in labour too much!

Hi the consultant should of offered you a membrane sweep as its called but if baby is not head down then they would most likely wait until baby has turned into this position and then carry out the membrane sweep this is what happened to me with my first she was not in the head down position when I was 40+6 they waited a few days and then brought me back to see if she was in the head down position d she had turned into the head down position and then they carried out the procedure. Your consultant should of took his time to talk to you and assess you more as it does sound like he didn't really want to be there. You should have a word with your GP about this and also have a word about the fact your finding it hard to get your midwife as well yes she does have other patient to see but it doesn't excuse the fact your still her patient until you have your little one and brought him/her home and she has completed her home visits with you and signs you off her patients list and hands you over to your local health visitor I would also make your GP aware that you will take it further if nothing is done

I had a sweep a week ago and its not done anything and baby is engaged and I've even had time tightening. Its not always the best way to get it going. Also you may find that only a midwife can perform the sweep, (this will depend on doc and hospital procedure) ring your community midwife or even the labour ward and talk to a midwife about why you've been offered induction without a sweep. But it really isn't proven it work trust me!

If baby's not engaging you don't sweep an outpatient on the whole, as you're cervix is hidden so it's difficult to do (can cause more problems than help) and the prostaglandin release in a small proportion can bring labour on quickly - not great if the presenting part is something other than the head...

Spud87, Have sex. I know it is probably uncomfortable with having a bump but there is ways and means. I was 39wks 6days and my waters broke in the arly hours of the next morning :-) Good luck, it is worth a try.

Thankyou all. I've tried lots of sex and so far hasn't worked. Will just keep trying. The doctor really didn't leave me feeling very happy at the appointment. He didn't want to do anything else but induce. I think I might see if I can hold off of the induction as I really would like as natural a labour as possible. Obviously if baby was at riskk I would go straight for it.I've tried calling my midwife again today with no answer so guessing she's having a day off. I will give the hospital a call and ask why they didn't offer the sweep first even if its just to put my mind at rest. Thankyou again

I agree with all the above comments, really does sound like your doctor was abit of an a.... hole to be honest he should have taken the time to discuss this with you and you to express your feelings to him.

However it is normal not to offer you the sweep at this stage if the baby inst in the correct position but again this should have been explained to you. Do you not have a contact number for the midwife center or station rather than just a direct number for your midwife?

Maybe you can look this up online and contact the center sure there is more than 1 midwife who can advise and help.

In the mean time although you have tried sex, try and be creative with the positions this can help and also gentle exercise and spice food helps.

Good luck :-)


Hope something happens over the wkd for you....try a nice long walk...as much as u can anyway, something that will make you have a big poo...sorry for being crude,and sex my midwife said its a combination that helps....with first time babies sometimes their heads don't engage till your in labour....I was told by the midwife in hosp the wk before my consultant put her top midwife on to break my waters that they wouldn't be able to do it as it was too far back and when I told my consultant she just smiled put her hand on my shoulder and said leave it to us were the professionals and this amazing midwife broke my waters straight away, I'm def having her again years of experience amazing woman!

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