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Insatiable Thirst and Horrible Headache/Migrane

Hi ladies, just wanted to ask this question to see if anyone rise as experienced this. For the second period in my pregnancy so far I have experienced an unquenchable thirst & horrid headaches that may be migraines (I've not suffered in past). On both occasions I noticed that my urine smelt different for say 24+ hrs before and then this kicks in, my skipping heart beat has returned so I presume that body is once again making major changes. I am just shy of 16 wks now, does any this make sence to you? I am seeing my midwife on Wednesday so she'll check my urine then but suspect it will be normal as it always is when you see the Pro's but all hell breaks loose when your on your own.

Thanks in advance for reading & any comments xx

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Hi Cheeky :)

My best pal is nearly 5mths and has been complaining of severe headaches, she had them with her first pregnancy too, so I would think it is normal. She speaks to me about it as if they are.

A migraine is a severe, severe headache lol! Can't even open eyes without excruciating pain and vomiting.

Another pal of mine got headaches after giving up caffeine entirely.

I have definitely been thirstier since becoming pregnant and my wee smells too, I figured that was hormones?

The only thing you can do is take paracetamol, sip water, eat if you can and try to sleep.

Hope you feel better soon,



Sounds similar to me now 27 weeks I have anaemia and gestational diabetes.

I have major thirst, my heartbeat was going mad felt like I was running all the time, I felt very breathless, and headaches and dizziness came a bit later.

I'm see the diabetic nurse today for the first time so will be interesting to see what treatment they want me to take, could be diet!

I have been on my iron for a week and my heart rate doesn't race like it was, so I'm assuming this was because I was low on iron, including the breathlessness.

So ask for a blood test to check for anaemia, normally they check at 28 weeks but hey you sound so similar to me!

Also tell them about the thirst, they should give u a glucose machine, its were you prick your thumb to get tiny bit of blood and the machine gives you your blood levels, for me all my readings were over what was recommended

Good luck x.


I have this wierd heartbeat thing too. What is gestation diabetes?


What you mean it's going fast or doing other things, mine intermittently skips beats! It's doing it as I write this having just power walked for my train!


Hey, thanks for replies. Not all migraines from what i understand result in vomiting as there are varying degrees of it but have had to take myself off to a darkened room at work to suppress the symptoms, water, cold compress on head, paracetamol but it does not touch thr sides, thought maybe its hormone surges that cause dilation of blood vessels. I had noticed changes in my urine too so as I work at a veterinary hospital I dipstick and got glucose and an acidic urine result on a number of occasions. When I get tested by pro's, typically it comes up clear. I am on the risk list for gestational diabetes due to age and family history so keeping an eye on symptoms. The thirst had been very intermittent but on Saturday I must have downed 1.5L in no time at all and still I was thirsty & headache did not subside no matter what I tried! As I was away I couldn't test urine but was suspicious I was excreting glucose again. I know us preggers are subjected to more headaches but in curable ones are so unpleasant. I cannot complain too much as I have been free from morning sickness since the off :)



I had the unquenchable thirst (still have it on times) and it makes me feel that the water/fluid has gone out of my head - which cause a lot of tension in the nerves and sometimes headaches - but I am drinking a lot and it ease off by itself - i have not consulted the MW or GP for this as its hard to explain what exactly is happening - plus it goes away after I am well drunk on water :)


If I find the answer tomorrow I will be sure to let you know x


Hey, in short as I have a family hx of diabetes, midwife has ordered a glucose tolerance test which will be repeated at 28 weeks if I am normal. She said I must be eating alot of sugary foods and I explained I am prob having less, although Saturdays episode may have been brought on by my eating drinking habits on Fri eve so I am thinking about keeping a food diary so I can avoid the triggers! How far gone are you? I'd prob worth a mention or keeping an eye on what you eat or drink too, I don't fancy gestational diabetes so I am going to try and prevent it if that's possible by dietary control xx


Hi Cheeky, I can't rely to your post for some reason.

I don't think my heart is skipping beats, but beating faster and harder. It has been on and off for maybe a couple of weeks but today is the worst day by far. Also very very thirsty.


Hello, I had migraines during the second trimester, one of which made me sick. I stopped taking paracetamol as they had no effect, I did try the cool head strips which eased it but the only thing that got rid properly was to sleep. Also I had palpitations (which I had suffered from before) this was checked out and I was told that people that have never suffered from them before can start them during pregnancy due to the increase in blood being pumped around your body. I'm at 31weeks now and the migraines and palpitations are much better!


no needle


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