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Dizziness and fainting?

Hi ladies,

I was wondering if any of you have any experience of (or know anything about) dizziness and fainting during pregnancy. I am 13 weeks and have been having episodes of light-headed ness and dizziness for a couple of weeks. I spoke to my midwife who said that some woozy-ness is totally normal, although since I've spoken to her the dizziness has started to become more frequent and severe and I have now fainted twice.

I will phone her when she is in tomorrow to double check, but I wondered if any of you have either been through a similar experience or could shed some light on what's causing it? I had nothing similar in my first pregnancy and am not 'prone' to fainting so am slightly concerned x

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Hi!!! If you look at my history I posted on here after I collapsed!! It was the first time it had ever happened to me and it was so scary! With me they put it down to my blood pressure dropping too low apparently it goes low during early pregnancy then starts to go higher as time goes on. I was also checked for aniemia and that was ok, but something that might be worth asking about. I also had a good think about whether I was eating frequently enough and whether I was eating enough out of each food group and made small changes. I still have bouts of dizziness now but I just put it down to growing two little babies :) I have also spoken to other people and they have said is really common during pregnancy. But as ever if it happens again with me I will still speak to my gp just to check to be one the safe side!

Congratulations and good luck x


i had quite bad dizziness around 9weeks, it was normally wen i was in bed and got up but also around that time i was being quite sick and eating and drinking was an issue so not only was i probably bit dehydrated and my blood pressure was a bit high but i did a bit of research and was completely normal and lasted probli bout a week or so, if u feel dizzy maybe just sit down wherever u can just till it passes so if u do faint then u wont hurt urself. take care


Yes i experienced really bad dizziness & fainting symptoms in my 1st pregnancy "also a Lil in this pregnancy now" you just need to make sure you are eating healthy & keeping hydrated as much as possible.


Sounds like it could be low blood pressure, or anaemia...I had low blood pressure with my boys 90/50 and felt light headed quite a lot and nearly fainted at work, I was so embarrassed I was going to faint that locked myself in the toilet and put my head in between my legs, looking back was a silly thing to do! If you feel faint try and lay down with your legs under a pillow so they are raised, and def give your midwife a call or see ur g.p hope they have some answers for you and sort it out for you, not nice! X


Thank you all for your replies. I'm pleased to hear I'm not the only one who's experienced this (not pleased to hear you've all suffered too of course!) I suspected blood pressure was the cause, I did just have my blood results back and iron was tip top so hopefully I'm not anaemic.

Ill call the midwife in the morning. Thank you again x


Yes - from about 13 weeks. It isn't as bad now, but the worst must have been fainting on a packed Central Line tube, smaking my head on a pole on the way down :-/. Massively embarrassing!!!



I also had this from about 12-13 weeks (and, in fact, I am now 28.5 weeks and this morning nearly fainted when the midwife took a blood sample from me!) In my case, it seems to be associated with hot, stuffy environments. So, I've mainly had it on the tube and in department stores - particularly a problem at this time of year because when shopping I'm normally wearing a big overcoat which is always uncomfortably hot once I go indoors ... I have, however, never fainted totally without warning - I can always tell if it's about to happen, so have time to take steps like the old head between the knees method mentioned by Babymother. Hopefully your midwife has by now put your mind at rest anyhow! xx


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