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Bit worried, recuring pink cheek and headache...slapped cheek virus?

I don't know if I'm worrying completely unnecessarily, but as I can't contract my gp or midwife until monday, I thought I would see if anyone else has had similar. I feel generally ok, but woke up yesterday with one very pink cheek which was very warm to the touch, this subsided after about 3 hours but returned last night. I had a headache when I woke yesterday too and have the same this morning and I'm very snuffly I don't know whether these are connected or if it's just coincidence, but I've been reading about the slapped cheek virus. I'm 33wks so I think risks are minimal even if it is this but would appreciate hearing anyone elses experiences please. Cx

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you could call your maternity dept and ask them and say your concerned they would take your bloods to check for the parvovirus and i suppose would get the ball rolling quicker if you take that course .....or go to a&e most adults are immume but as your having symptoms, would be best to get it checked asap..dont leave it till mon xx


You need to have a blood test to see if you have parvovirus b19, most adults are immune. Before 20 weeks of pregnancy it can cause too much fluid inside the babies body and a blood transfusion is given and vey regular scans. But past 20 weeks normally there is no issues and baby will be fine. I agree with baby mother rest the ball rolling now, call the out of hours doctor.


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