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Ok so i mentioned aboutthe bleeding and how its only when i wipe. Today ive noticed that the blood is not a light colour, but not dark, its sort of in the middle. Its only when i wipe. I wear a pad and nothing goes on it, but if i wipe theres a little. I have no pains and still feel pregs (sore boobs, feeling sick and startin to get mood swings) but im thinking do i wait to see tge midwife in wednesday, or go doctors asap. I dont want to worry wen i done need to, but when i had a miscarrage, this is how it started :( ami just being stupid?


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  • No you're not being stupid. I suggest calling your midwife. If I see anything in my vaginal mucus that looks remotely like blood, if it's brown, if it's a little bit or a lot, or just once or a few times I get it checked out. I've had 3 bleeds in my pregnancy (light brown and a few occasions with red blood and only when I wiped) and never regretted getting it checked out, it was always nothing to have worried about (most likely cervical erosion) but I know I felt better being told by a medical professional that there was indeed nothing to worry about which released me from worrying. Good luck and let us know how you get on. xxx

  • Ill go doctors tommorow. Im trying not to worry but i worr y too much and so easily it annoys me! Provs implantation or something. Thank you x

  • Hi babyj, get it checked today, go to the early pregnancy unit and get scanned if you can. Your not being silly, I would be doing the same if I saw blood.

    Good luck Hun xx

  • Hi.i've just written on other post but i had bleeding episodes many times.and every time i went to an early baby unit or gp to be checked.i had an early scan done as well.loads if blood tests,smear test,etc..i had no pains or cramps which was good.i've noticed and that may sound strange that every time when i went for poo and then i wiped i always had a brown stuff on the was coming from my vagina.sometimes when i coughed or snizzed it was the same.i was scared that maybe there is something wrong with my bladder as i had a laparoscopy done at turned up it was brown thrush that my muscles kept pushing it out.try not to worry but i know its easy to say.i'm 17weeks now and baby is ok.sometimes your body needs to get rid of old blood that is not needed any more.hope you'll get it sorted and you'll see everything wil be ok xx

  • My bleeding was light pink, to red, brown....and it happened at different times when I wiped and had to wear a panty liner for 4 wks! Not the same one ;) always best to get it checked and it puts your mind at rest xx

  • Hi guys, ive just been to the loo and there is nothing there! Not even a little bit. This has pit my mind at ease thank god but i will still be keeping a eye on things, and if it does happen again ill go to my gp. Although i will mention it to my midwife ona wednesday appointment.

  • Hi I did get few stains of blood on tissue when i wiped. But that was from the tiny piles which I developed due to acute constipation during early pregnancy (my folic acid tab had more iron than i needed). And yet another time I probably cut my skin a bit while trimming (accidents, though than I knew what it was). Yet another time i had red-urine and no blood (that was beetroot juice, that freaked us out the most by far!)

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