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Am i overreacting again!!

So ive done a clearblue test yesterday (after doing 2 other tests before ao i knew i was pregnant, just wanted to see how far) and it showed that im 3+ weeks so far. Ive got a midwife appointment on wednesday. The thing is my and the oter half had intercourse today and i noticed some bleeding (darkish browny) i have no pains or anythig, but before there was no bleeding. I feel fine but shpuld i be worried? Is it normal? Am i just worring myself uncessarily?

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Of course you gonna be worrying.if it makes you feel better i had bleedings on few occasions and last time it was dark consultant asked me if it was after having sex as that happens in many cases.but we had no intercourse in last 12weeks due to my laparoscopy.they've told me its better when its brown as it means its old blood that your body doesnt need any more.sorry but i cant remember all the medical words they used.i've had loads of tests done,they've checked if i had cysts or fabroids,even smear test but nothing was showing.i'm 17weeks now and baby is ok.i think your bleeding was more likely caused by intercourse day before but i'm not a dr.your midwife may suggest you an early scan.try not to worry as stress doesnt help. Good luck xx


This has reassured me o be honest! I hope all is ok tho. I just need to stop worrying! But thanks for your comment, putting me ar ease :) x


Hi Hun, sounds like old blood to me. No pains is a good thing. I haven't bled at all in this pregnancy so far, I was very cautious about having sex coz of my previous misscarriage, but to be honest I have more understanding and feel that if a pregnancy is going to go wrong it will no matter what anyone does to try and change it!

Maybe don't have sex till everything has been discussed and maybe a scan to confirm all is fine:)

I think you and baby are fine, you are nervous coz of your last misscarriage, I was the same with this pregnancy still have nervous moments.

Take care xxx


Yeah i am to be honest. Just dont wanna go through all that again as you know! I wasnt sure bout having sex in the early stages to be honest so ive kinda tried to avoid it haha. Thanks for assuring me tho :) x


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