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25 weeks 3 days pregnant increased bowel movements and feel crampy!

So for about three days now I wake up early 5:30 am with a tummy ache feeling, my abdomen is rock hard, then I have a drink and need a bowel movement, thing is its not hard or diarreah its just soft and alot is there! Sometimes I need to go a few times in a row!

I feel crampy around my bikini line and like I have a tummy ache.

I have not changed my diet or eating anything more or less, just the same.

I'm worried if something is wrong like pre term labour!

Has anyone any advise or going through the same thing?

I'm seeing my midwife next Wednesday:)

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i'm roughly 8 wks pregnant & experiencing very simular bowel movements with a "period like" cramp in my tummy. As you mentioned it's not hard or diarreah it just seems like alot. & definetely NO blood

So because i'm less than 16wks pregnant i cant go my nearest matetnity ward but i will continue to watch it as i thought i could just be being paranoid.

Good Luck:-)


I'm 33 weeks and have found the same. Seem to get quite bad cramps during the night but am fine during the day. Very strange but my little man moves so much I'm pretty confident there's nothing wrong.


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