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Pregnant mums with poorly babies

Hi ladies,

I'm just shy of 12 weeks pregnant with my second and my 2 year old son seems to have picked up a sickness bug today - poor little munchkin.

It got me thinking, will my immune system automatically protect my unborn baby from all the nasties that my son inevitabley picks up, or are there certain bugs/viruses that I should be aware of being exposed to during my pregnancy?

Thanks in advance! X

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Hiya, the common cold and just sniffles, tummy upset will not be passed through the placenta to the baby. Only thing on watch out for is if you become dehydrated then this can affect baby.

Make sure you have your flu jab as this can cause the mother to be very ill, and have had tragic outcomes.

Chickenpox, measles, shingles, impetigo, tb, whooping cough, can be passed to the baby and be very serious, google it!

Again from 28 weeks make sure you have the whooping cough vaccination it's combined with others aswell, as baby isn't vaccinated against this till two months old, and like me as a newborn, I got whooping cough at 4 weeks old and now have servere asthma.

Stay healthly :)


Thanks for your reply - you've offered some nice reassurance :-)

My midwife did very briefly mention that as I've had chickenpox, baby wouldn't be affected should we be exposed to it but she didn't mention any of those other scary bugs!

Thanks for mentioning the whooping cough jab too, I'm almost certain I didn't have that last time - I wonder if its a new offering? I'll be sure to ensure I do this time! X


The whooping cough jab is a new offering:) due to the increase in newborn babies getting the illness, due to alot if parents not giving thier children vaccinations, like the mmr jab,

Good luck in your pregnancy x


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