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Collapsed last night

Hi everyone, I had a terrible night last night it was weird I was lying watching tv at just before 10pm last night and all of a sudden I began to feel very unwell so I went to the toilet as I wasn't sure what was going on! Then I was breathing very heavy, couldnt feel my arms and legs, ears ringing so loud I couldn't hear my husband, I then knew I was getting to the stage where I was going to collapse so I told my husband to ring an ambulance, then I felt like I needed to lie down so I went back to my bedroom then that was it I fell and blacked out only for a few seconds and my husband caught me thank god and put me on the bed till the paramedics arrived. Apart from the colour totally dissapearing from my face ( my husband said I went yellow and then white) they said my blood pressure wasa bit on the low side and that my gp will need to check what's going on bloods etc.

I'm feeling ok now but what a horrible experience and I'm definitely going to call my gp today to see what they recommend as I had a funny palpatation the other day too and I'm wondering if there could be any simple underlying problem like aniemia ( suggested to me). I think my main worries are have I affected my babies? And will it happen again? I really hope not!!! Has anyone else had a similar problem and how did they cope?

Sorry for rambling on, but I am struggling to sleep and I really needed to get this off my chest xxxxxxx

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Ah Hun, I hope u are ok, u poor thing, thank god your hubby was there xx

Low blood pressure dies make u faint and dizzy, but the problem with your breathing does not sound great! We all know we get breathless due to baby taking up more room but for this to make u faint shows a problem. Do u have asthma? I do and I have had to increase my meds!

Also at the moment I'm in the stages of being treated for gestational diabetes, my blood levels are very high, what I have noticed is this has made my breathing and well being worse! Have u had your bloods checked for diabetes!?

Rest up, get checked, let me know what the outcome is, take care xxx


I can totally understand you are shocked and scared, but try to rest and not to worry.

I am sure your babies are well! I've experienced this once during pregnancy - on a crowded commuter train. Exactly the way you described it, from the heavy breathing to the ringing ears.

I went to the doctor straight away and he did a scan, thank god the baby was okay and jumping around like always. He said I had a slightly low blood pressure and suggested it could have been caused by the blood sugar level suddenly dropping which, according to him, can happen easily during pregnancy. He advised me to get a testing kit at the pharmacy and test the blood sugar level as soon as I felt dizzy again. Luckily, it never happened again, but for emergencies I always had some chocolate in my handbag.

Hope it turns out to be as harmless as that for you!



Kazza this sounds similar to what I did last Sunday at 5am, had the worst stomach pain just before, my partner didn't know what was happening as i came crashing into bedroom from toilet after totally stripping off, splashing water on face and thinking I was gonna pass out to wake him up in a panic. I laid on floor to stop me from falling & to cool off, breathing heavy like you, it's a scary thing and think OMG what if i was on my own. I will PM you in a bit Hun, take it easy today and try get some sleep xxx


I have had several episodes of passing out since getting to 30wks, i even had to stop working as i would just collapse in the middle of the office, i was tested for everything frominfection to anemia, the only causefound was my blood pressure. It has got alot better now i just have to remember not to overdo it, especiallly walking and ive almost completely stopped (i would pass out upto 2 times a day !) i sometimes go a little dizzy but not collapsed. Get an appointment with your doctor to get the blood tests done and see what they recommend but dont worry as this can make it worse. also if you have a MAC unit just ring them and go down they are there 24hrs and can do checks straight away.


Thanks everyone :) xxx

I spoke to my doctor today and she deffo wants me to get my blood checked to see if I'm aniemic. I had my blood sugar checked and thankfully that was ok for now. I have just been told to rest up and take things easy doctors quote " you are growing two babies inside you, you know" haha I think I'm beginning to realise that now :)

Hope everyone is ok and looking after themselves and bubbas xxxxx


Hey girl, surely not a nice experience, I had that fainting experience couple of times in my life and can imagine how you felt. Thankfully it has not reoccurred during pregnancy. But mine is almost always related to blood-pressure.

Eat well, drink lots of juices and probably sleep more :)

And yup fruits and lots of them are a must - keep munching on them - i recommend grapes :)


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