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Help me !!!! I have two young boys and have another baby on the way. I suffered with postnatal depression with both and had minor mood swings in the first trimester. I am 8 weeks pregnant and feel very angry or upset at everyone around me. I know your hormones are changing and i have been to docs who have referred me to the perinatal mental health team. But as yet have not come back to me. Has anyone ever experienced this before if so how did you combat it. My husband has now moved out because he cant cope with it. I have tried explaining it to him but he doesnt get it. Any advise would be welcome x


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  • I am sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. From what youv'e said your mood should settle after the first trimester. I would chase up the referral to the mental health team but most of all be gentle with your self-you are doing the best you can. As for your husband part of me feels he needs a kick up the arse and the other part of me thinks give him the space but make sure you keep talking. Good luck x

  • During my first trimester I was like a woman possessed. I've never experienced anger like it. I couldn't control my moods. Luckily I'm 23 weeks now and I'm not like that anymore. It did pass thankfully. My poor husband put up with a lot but it is r first baby so we r all very newly fangled with all these new experiences. I wld have thought third baby in ur husband wld be more sympathetic towards u. Men! Keep smiling. Get out and walk plenty that's how I dealt with it. Got out in the fresh air to calm me down

  • I've felt the same over the past few weeks, only this week have i started to feel much better. I'm now 11+weeks. About two weeks ago i packed a bag for my partner as i couldn't deal with the stress. Luckily he stuck it out with me. I was annoyed at my family for silly things, or if someone didn't return my phone call ) and the row i had with British gas over very Hormones are crazy! Keep strong and make sure you have time for yourself to relax and de-stress if you can. Keep positive :) x

  • Role on week 11 i say lol x

  • Oh Vicky, I'm sorry that you are experiencing mood swings. My best friend gets these and PND too. You have done exactly the right thing contacting your doctor and getting a referral. You can contact him again if you want to know how long you will have to wait or if your circumstances, such as your partner moving out or you feeling worse, change.

    I am very concerned about what support you are receiving now your partner has moved out. Is there anyone helping you with the housework and the children? You will need time off to relax and take care of yourself in your pregnancy. You will also need someone close to talk through the coping issues that arise.

    Many people find hypnotherapy very helpful. Look for practitioners who have trained in PND and natal hypnotherapy. You can get a CD too, although the sessions can be pretty powerful. You can find other complimentary health therapies to relax you too. I go to a low cost clinic, which you can ask around for. Or you may think that specialist counselling or psychotherapy would be more helpful, as in these sessions you would be able to talk through the problems you are having coping with mood swings, young children and partner issues. Again, check they are accredited, trained and experienced in PND so they can teach you coping skills to help manage your moods. It may be worth learning meditation too, as this teaches you how to silently watch as your emotions come and learn to let them go. If your partner is unable to help you practically at the moment, maybe he can help you financially to get the support and guidance you need to help you stabilise your condition.

    Good luck and don't go through this alone xxxx

  • Here is a blog of dad's talking:

    Here is a good blog if you are thinking of complimentary therapy:

  • Thank you everyone it has been a big help. I am studying massage and looking at other complimentary therapies too so will look into hypnotherapy and meditation. The husband and i are at least on talking terms and he has been looking at other blogs about anger in pregnancy and is kind of understanding. I have an appointment on monday with mental health team so will keep you posted on that. Thanks again guys x

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