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Does it sound like I am pregnant to you?

I am 19, I was due to come on my period 31st jan and I didn't. I was due on 27th feb and still nothing. Can anyone help or advise? I have found I have been extremely tired recently and I always need a wee. I also feel car sick often when I'm not even in a car. My boobs are much bigger and nipples are sore. My periods are usually really regular so this is odd. I took a pregnancy test today but it was negative? Someone please respond? Could I still be pregnant or would it show on a test by now? I feel very bloated and feeling emotional. I now have developed a cold - headache runny nose slight temperature. I had a blood test today and I will find out Thursday just wondered if anyone thought I am pregnant?

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Some people can be pregnant and get negative pregnancy tests very late in pregnancy as the tests rely on being able to measure levels in urine - so early morning urine is best and if you drink a lot it may be too dilute (and cutting down on drink may be unhealthy).

It does sound like it is possible that you could be pregnant, but having a late period can make you feel bloated and yucky as well.

Good luck :)


Sometimes you might have a bad liver to give all those symptoms too - and sometimes you might just have worms in your stomach for again almost the same symptoms, overian cysts is not uncommon either. But I am not a doctor and I am guessing even you are not. So the best would be to take a sensitive test like clear blue digital. and if its negative still, go to your GP you need to be diagnosed well.

And yes the clear blue tests normally work with 99.9% accuracy (as what they claim) since the first day you missed your period. and in your case if you have missed two cycles, they should work!


You certainly have symptoms that I had I'm now 24 weeks. Like ritx21 said use clear blue with conception indicator this is brilliant and accurate.

You may be a lady that doesn't show pregnancy on a stick test, my mum was the same and then realised via a blood test she was five months pregnant.

Good luck x


Go and see your g.p they will give you a blood test which will tell if you are or not, good luck


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