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Could I be pregnant? (It'd be a miracle!)

I've been taking Ovranette for about 6 months to help with heavy unomfortable periods I experienced after stopping another contraceptive pill. I occasionally forget to take one pill but have never skipped more than two.

The last 2-3 months however I've hardly had a bleed at all and often some light spotting about halfway through my cycle; also very tender breasts, heartburn and occasional nausia etc.

My partner has a low sperm count due to past treatment for cancer (suprising he has one at all really) and although we're not in the perfect position part of me really wants to beat the odds on this so could just be wishful thinking making me read more into my symptoms, have bought a test but could the pill mess with the result?

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Take the test and find out, my partner has a low sperm count and we got preg 1st time we tried r wee miracle will b here in few weeks, fingers crossed for u, not sure if pill could effect results but google it


Good luck, could be possible. My hubby had low sperm count so took selenium and zinc for 12 weeks and his count went to normal levels.


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