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Urine infection or poking baby fingers?

I'm after some advice. Last week I went to the doctors because I thought I had a urine infection. He did a test and there was a little bit of protein present, but not much. He gave me some antibiotics to take while they sent off my sample for testing. I took the whole course but still have the same symptoms - pinching pains in my bladder and when I go to the loo there's not much there.

Now I'm not sure if it's an infection or just my little man poking me in the bladder when he moves about! I'm 29 weeks and he's very active. And at my last midweife appointment she told me he was head down, bum up - so my bladder is probably well within poking distance.

Has anyone else had symptoms like this that turned out to be nothing more than an inquisitive baby flexing about? I've had urine infections before that have made me quite ill, but don't want to go back for more antibiotics if I don't need it.

Any advice would be gratefullly received! x

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I had exactly the same thing, I've had lots of urine infections before so felt sure that was what I was experiencing. My doctors advised it was probably the baby's head putting pressure on my bladder and tubes connecting my kidneys to my bladder. Some days it's worse than others, I guess depending on exactly how baby is positioned. Just need to get used to peeing all the time!


Interesting. Im 25 weeks but this last few days Ive had similar. Im not prone to infections but having the feeling of pressure to go for a wee (like you get with cystytis) but without any burning or discomfort. I was wondering if it could be baby prodding about in there.Either way, Yup! just peeing becomes a way of life!! lol


Ur all right, peein a lot is just pregnancy due to the babys awkward positionin is normal for you. As the space gets smaller the problem ususlly gets worse unfortunatelly. Pregnant ladies r prone to urine infections cos their hormones make the tubes in ur water works relax and kink. Try to make sure u drink plenty (so the fluids not stagnent), empty ur bladder fully and don't forget ur urine samples when u visit ur midwife.


I'm experiencing vaginal cramps and urgent peeing alot, went to the doc tested my ursine which was clear, but I'm on antibiotics as he said I may have caught it early hence no sign in my wee yet, also u dont have to have burning to have an infection. I would get it checked


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