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Private Scans

Hey ladies my next scan is on 5th MArch that would be week 20 scan.

But is it possible to have something sooner - i heard a lot about Private scans - not sure what they are - how much they charge and if I should at all be worried (given that my mid-wife classifies me as low-risk and i have not had any problems so far - I dont even feel pregnant anymore, but we did see the nice baby on 11th January and I have not had any negative feelings or pain or cramps or nausea or anything after my week 13)

Can anyone tell me if they had felt THIS normal ? and if I should be rather Panic and get a private scan ?? I have complete no clue and Mom is so useless in telling stuffs (she was puking all the while it seems - but I am so normal - infact more happier and energetic - Am I normal?? )

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I have had private scans for piece of mind I use a company called ultra baby, my reassurance scan cost me £75.00

Good for u that u have no ill feelings in your pregnancy, you maybe just a very lucky lady, unlike myself, u read my blog the other day!


Oh! yeah i did hon.

I was talking to my mom today and telling her that how everyone says that they have been feeling bad and I am not - it makes me feel so not-like-mom-to-be

And the weirdest thought i got yesterday while sitting in a lecture, that we go for week 20 scan on 5th March and the technician tells us that there is no baby- It kept me wondering, how is that possible, given that we saw the baby on wk 12 scan and I did not even had a slight bleeding....

Gosh I am weird ? Is it normal !! I am surely going for the reassurance scan !


Lots of people breeze through pregnancy without a hint of symptom and feel their usual self throughout. Pregnancy is diverse and even if you got pregnant again with baby number 2 there's no guarantee it will be an identical experience. A reassurance scan hopefully will put your mind at ease. There is no rule to follow with this experience. Reducing any worries is crucial though! Enjoy seeing your baby in your next scan! I used to think that at each scan I'd see a cola can or an alien or swollen internal organs in place of baby! :) Common to wonder if there really is a little person in there or not.

All the best! And good luck with all those studies you're doing! Super mum already! :) xx


True that.... I got the Alien idea too - probably was more because I was writing a paper on rights of future generations in a climate change scenario and I was reading a lot about if the future generations would be more adapt by virtue of being super-humans or non-humans ...evolution you see :)


I'm just over 21 weeks and have had a couple of private scans for the same reason - I wasn't particularly feeling pregnant - so I was worried. I think in the end the reality is that we will all worry for the whole 9 months (and then the next 21 years) so it's really about whether the reassurance is worth the £80-£100 that the scan will cost you. The next problem is how often you feel that you need to do it! I'm now pretty determined not to pay for any more scans (but we'll see how that goes!)


Oh! I am SOOOOOOOOOO Glad to meet you ... finally there is someone who dont really feel pregnant !

I have a mid-wife appointment on coming 5th I would ask her some re-assurances.

In certain way I am also happy that there is nothing much holding me back during pregnancy as now is a real busy time for me professionally.

But still I might end up on the table to see that little Alien of mine !


Hello Ritz21 - I feel the same! Good to know that there are others out there who also worry and don't always feel pregnant.

Good luck for your appointment (tomorrow I think?) and I think the reassurance of a scan definitely helps. As Immysarch says.... if it puts your mind at rest then it's worth doing :-)


I agree completely about the worryin forever thing. It is normal for 'ritz21' to feel this way as she is not able to feel any movements yet. it is a personal choice whether you choose to pay the extra money for a scan x


Totally agree with you Donna and the constant worry is something I'd just not expected, even though I've had lots of friends who've been through it. I wouldn't consider myself to be a worrier at all (normally) but since becoming pregnant I can't seem to stop!

I'm coming to realise that, to a large extent, what will be will be. There's no reason to think that there will be a problem and I'll probably be a lot happier for the next 19 weeks if I can just relax, look after myself and work on the basis that everything will be ok. So that's the current plan (wish me luck!) :-).

I really think that the important thing is to try and put your mind at rest... so if that means extra scans, trips to the midwife to check the heartbeat etc... then just do it :-)


I agree with these ladies. I'm 25 weeks have not had a bit of nausea and not been sick at all. Have to say I went through a time where it didn't sink in that i was pregnant and I thought I wasn't normal, my mum and sister were really sick in pregnancy. Just we're all different and were lucky!! Kept going to yoga etc and felt well throughout. Sore huge boobs, weeing always etc and more recently getting out of breath and achy ankles. Plus lovely belly and little nudges so feeling and looking pregnant

If you want to get a private scan there's no harm hon

All the best

A x


Thanks AmesHK, I am glad that you also sailed easily through pregnancy.

I guess my first trimester was not all that rosy - good part was I had a good long vacation/work from home situation than.

Now I am more regular in attending the Uni. and have lots of deadlines - so in certain way glad that pregnancy is not holding me up.

But i might end up on the table for a re-assurance scan after the 5th Feb meeting with the mid-wife. Lets see :)


My first 2 pregnancies were the typical, all the symptoms, conseNt sickness etc. Didn't go away until after 6 months but this pregnancy.has been the exact opposite. From around week 12-13 my slight feeling of sickness had gone which i got.worried.about. I am now at week 30 and apart from.the heartburn coming back with a vengeance ( but before this pregnancy i had bad heartburn issues) i feel good. Slight tiredness but that is partly.due to.constant needing of the bathroom and a 2 yr old that is a restless sleeper. I have never had private scans but that is my choice. If it.puts your mind at rest it is worth having. Good luck xx


Hey Ritz,

I'm studying too! Msc in stats! And I'm 21 weeks now. Had a panic that baby had disappeared and went to the doctors at 17 weeks. We listened to the heartbeat and that was enough reassurance for me. I wish I had gone earlier. Also, now I'm further along, we listen to the heartbeat at the midwife appointments too.

Only the really natural parenting books I've read have something negative to say about scans. Oh, and my baby. He always hides his eyes or moves out of the way when we have a scan or listen to the heartbeat. If you want a private scan, you can also get a 3D scan for £200-300, incredible detail. But as I said, the heartbeat was enough for me.

I can't feel my boy much because my placenta is acting like a cushion due to it's position. I found this out at the 20 week scan. It explains why I was beginning to panic. I think panic may be normal too.

Good luck! x


Hey girl ! isnt it but somehow nice that we are able to do all the assignments and work our lives out in the University :)

But you know I was also feeling glad that the baby is developing at the time when I am in the middle of my Ph.D with lots of writing and also some courses - beliving the old wife tales - i heard that they learn stuffs when inside mommy's womb ! I just hope that be true

would hope that the mid-wife gets me to hear the heart beat during the next appointment (had only one mid-wife appointment and one scan so far) and I also think its the placenta which is saving me !

Good luck with studies and the baby! :)


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