Help motion sickness!!!

Hi I'm about 6-7 weeks pregnant and I went swimming completely forgeting about being pregnant I did my usual tumble turn at the end of the pool and have felt terrible ever since. I've got a headache going hot and cold and dizzy and nearly fainted earlier, feeling realy sick but not being sick and just generally feel terrible is there anything I can do to help I work long hours and realy struggling I'll try anything???


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  • Try eating your three meals a day snack inbetween and drink plenty of fulids (water) that might help you to feel better. The hot and cold thing maybe just your homoans addjusting to the fact your pregnant. Good luck!

  • Thank you! Has anyone any idea whether the motion sickness bands that you get for travel sickness are any good?

  • Hi Louise

    when I was 11 weeks I started throwing up every morning like clockwork. I tried different teas, ginger biscuits, water etc. For me the only thing that worked was seasick bands! The pharmacist accidentally gave me childrens ones so they were probably a bit too tight, but they totally worked for me. I wore them every day until I was 14 weeks when I finally went a day without them (mainly because they didn't go with a dress I was wearing to a wedding!) and the sickness had passed. I say give them a go!!

  • Try ginger bisults or ginger tea that say that helps morning sickness!

  • On the ginger tea alredy I'll give the bickies a go think I mildly underestimated how terrible I wud feel hehe owell live and learn just hope it doesn't last the whole 9 months!

  • I'm 23 weeks and still have morning stickness grrrrrrrrr its not as bad as it was in the start I'm probably sick maybe 1-3 times a week now where as before I was being sick everyday day of the week!!!

  • Ow poor you that sounds like a nightmare! Didn't think it would last that long!for me it's not the being sick that's only about 1-2 times a day is the continueously feeling sick and the headaches that's a nightmare!

  • Oh dear... Have you tried drinking water also try getting an eye test aswell if you are getting then regually

  • Drink 2litres a day minimum I mite try n get an eye test dnt think its that thou as didn't have any till I got pregnant but anythings worth a try!

  • If you have serious morning sickness then ginger and water are going to be completely useless. You may have a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum which is a very severe form of pregnancy sickness and it needs serious treatment, not messing about with ginger biscuits and seabands. There are a number of antiemetics which are safe to take in pregnancy, see the Pregnancy Sickness Support charity website for details, pregnancysicknesssupport.or.... Be warned that a lot of GPs are hopelessly ignorant about the condition and may try to fob you off. If you want more information about how to get help, contact a support volunteer on the PSS website.

  • Brilliant thanks so much I'll have a look it is turning into a bit of a nightmare as I work full time + and no one at work nos I'm pregnant so think they think iim dying! Think if it doesn't calm down soon secrets going to be out!

  • Yes defo I lost my part time job last month beacause of my sickness I was so sick I was unreal... Try any method you can ease the sickness! Good luck

  • Sea-bands - did you ladies try that ??

  • yep nothing seems to be working drinking loads of water ginger bickies, ginger tea, sea bands nothing seems to help just feel constantly sick and getting really bad headaches just hope every day when I get up it will be better! fingers crossed for tommorow!

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