My 8 month old baby has difficulty passing stools any ideas what I can try?

Hi my 8 month old's stools are hard and although he goes a few times a day he struggles with it. he has lots of fruit and veg at meal times and has 20 floz formula per day but refuses any other drinks (water, juice) i have tried every kind if beaker/bottle but no success. any ideas?


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  • Different brand of milk?

    But definitely best on this one to ask health visitor or GP, good luck x

  • I have spoken to the health visitor and everything they suggested I've already tried but thanks anyway x

  • I have read that u may need to cut out baby rice and ceral. Try prune juice, or double check with your gp but people are talking about suppositories for babies.

  • Have you tried warm boiled water with a spot of pure orange juice in it?? It worked wonders on my little boy, it was my mums idea but it worked. I dont know if it is recommended by GP but it worked for mine. Not loads just a few ounces or has much as he will drink.

  • I have tried this but he won't drink anything but his milk :(

  • I always used prune juice when my daughter had problems. I would buy a carton of it and pour it into ice cube trays to freeze it because you will just end up wasting most of the carton otherwise. When i needed it i would just defrost an ice cube or two and give it to her in a syringe like giving calpol etc. I would also peddle her legs whilst she was straining to poo. I would lie her down and open her nappy so i could see what was happening and then if she was straining i would gently bicycle her legs. It seemed to work for us.

  • That sounds a good idea will give it a try thanks x

  • When my daughter was 8 months my go prescribed her with a baby laxative called lactalose as she was having trouble going I wasn't really happy giving her it but the go said it was fine it worked wonders she is 3 now and has no problem

  • Should say GP not go

  • When mine have been constipated I've always mixed dried fruits like prunes, apricots and dates together to make a purée (which you can the freeze) and then mixed it in with their morning porridge it works a treat. You could also try kiwi and I've heard increasing the amount of oily fish in there diet like salmon can help to x

  • Thanks for all responses will give them a try x

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