Pregnancy, Please help

Hi guys,

I know this question is so weird, but i really need help on this. I am 21 and married. Me and my husband finally decided to have a baby, we are trying from last 3 months ( having intercourse on fertile days) but have not got any positive result. So, i am bit worried about it. Is there really i should be worried about or shall i wait ?

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  • Hey niknagra1

    Me and my partner are also trying for a baby. I had a miscarraige in november last year with our first and we was very upset, but we are trying again hopfully for a more positive result.

    All i can advise is to have sex every other day (if not all day), try not to worry as stress can make it harder. So try and make sex fun not a chore. Apart from all this, be patient, it will happen in time! Hope i been a help :) x

  • Hey i am 23 and 2 days before my due date, it took us 5 months to get pregnant, i reccomend having as much sex as possible! All the time,whenever you can lol i also downloaded a ovulation app on my phone and a week up until ovulation and on fertile days just have loads of sex! Sex makes babies so enjoy! X

  • I'm 21 and 25weeks pregnant I took us 4months of trying normally and 1month we decided to use a clear blue ovualation tests and hey ho found out I'm ovualating later then I thought but got pregnant :) best decision we ever made

    Good luck x

  • Hi, might sound weird but if all you're both focusing on is getting pregnant then you're more than likely won't. Relax and enjoy yourselves :-) x

  • Hello, I'm 20wks pregnant now with 1st. B4 we got pregnant I read a book or two and they both said getting pregnant can take a few months to years depending on the couple. It took us nearly a year and happened when we decided to have a break from trying! :) x

  • Average time to get pregnant is one year. I recommend using ovulation tests, get the cheapies fom amazon. Also try and make sure you are both i peak health, start taking supplements, for him zinc and selenium this increases sperm count. Plus ave lots of fun x

  • Thanx a lot guys. Your help give me so much relief. xx

  • It took me 3 years to get pregnant - 3 months is no time at all as any contraception has to get out of your system and you need to get lucky each month. You would normally go and see a doctor after you have been trying at least 12-18 months so you've got plenty of time to keep trying before you need to start worrying! Good luck!

  • Took me about 10 months to get pregnant because i'd been on the pill for so long! 3 months is nothing, please try not to worry and at this stage don't even worry too much about timing/ovulation - you can work out roughly when you're ovulating by when you have your period. Just relax and have plenty of sex and it'll happen. the minute you start stressing or worrying about it, it becomes more difficult. xxx

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