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Early scan at 7 weeks - worrying result - 2.7cm sac but no fetal pole - anyone had similar result and been OK?

I had a dating scan today at what I think is 7 weeks. The fetal sac is 2.7cm, which Dr says makes 7 weeks about right. But there was no sign of a fetal pole yet, and no mention of a yolk sac either. They told me to go back in 2 weeks, so I'm going to worry for 2 weeks now. Dr Google seems to indicate fetal pole should be 1cm at 7 weeks. I lost one last year where no fetal pole developed by 6 weeks, but I've had no bleeding this time. I'm based in a developing nation at the moment, and just hoping their training or equipment is as fault?? Has anyone had a result like this and things gone on to be oK?


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Same thing with me but a week later baby was thr I'm 23weeks nw.. Ill look at my notes later and see what size the sac was x


I haven't had this but just wanted to wish you luck and maybe you are earlier than they think so in two weeks u will know for definate.


Hey, I had a very similar situation, although you could see a yolk sac in first scan. Was a very stressful wait, but I'm now 19 weeks and everything appears healthy so far. When we came back for our scan could see fetal pole and heartbeat. I think it's very common, particularly when your dates are unclear or it's early in development. Unfortunately, the doctors did explain to us that there was a high chance of miscarriage at tis stage too. I wish you the best of luck, and hope your wait is over soon.


Thanks - it's nice to hear some good news stories. Facilities here are not the best, and the sonographer was clearly in a huge hurry. Fingers crossed it will all be fine in 2 weeks. I Googled pictures of 7 weeks scans and they all looked like much more than mine - but then as my hubby keeps saying, they would also have been on much better equipment. I think I'll travel to the capital for the next scan to the bigger hospital too.


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