Pregnancy after a gap of 2 years


I am 35 years old have a six year old child. After my first child i have done three abortions. Then there was a gap of two years and my husband and me are trying for a second child. We tried for couple of months but i have not been able to conceive.

I was advised by a lady that i should clean up my uterus as there are eggs formed which are preventing me to conceive again. Please advice should i do a DNC to remove the eggs that are formed? What that lady right?



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  • I do not have a medical background but in my opinion; You will have lost those fertilised eggs when you bled after having an abortion. There's no way they would still be there. You've only been trying for a coupe of months, it can take couples of any age a lot longer than that. Try googling chances of conceiving and it's less than you think until you've been trying for a few months. Good luck, I hope it will happen for you soon. talk to your GP though so you can be reassured that there is nothing left from your previous pregnancies. x

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