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Help 19 weeks pregnant and very itch breasts

Hi all I am 19 weeks pregnant today and have woke up with very itchy breasts its driving me mad I have changed my bras to the maternity ones and got them 2 sizes bigger as i have gone up is there anything else I can try to soothe this itchyness I never experienced this with my first child who is now 3 years old any tips would help.

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Hello again, we shall have to stop meeting like this ha ha.

I've heard something about cold cabbage leaves in your bra but not sure if it helps inching or sooth soreness!

Is your 3yo a boy or girl? I have a boy.

Would really want another 1 but happy with either as long as there healthy, been trying nearly 2 years , am being made redundant in Jan ! Been a pretty rough year so nice to have Something to look forward to.:)


hi lol i know i might try that. mines a little girl i am not fussed what I have aslong as he or she is healthy too . I hope next year is a good one for you x


Mine itch and my belly to! I'm 17 weeks pregnant!


i found that coco butter soothes the itching on my belly but it doesn't do anything for breasts.


Oh I see I might give that a try then


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