Can someone help me please? I've recently started the pill for the first time (24th Oct) but on the same day I had unprotected sex, even though the pill is ineffective for the first 48 hrs. But my partner never ejaculates in me, but always ends up on 'the edge'. I had sex every couple of days through til 9th Nov. My period came 12th Nov- a few days earlier than usual and was a lot lighter and lasted longer than the usual 2-3 days, by the 16th my period was barely there but didn't end properly til 18th. On the 16th &18th I missed my pills which means they're ineffective for 48 hrs, but I had sex on the 19th unprotected- however my partner never 'came' in me. Since then I've had really bad heartburn, felt sick just before going to bed, my skins broke out, I'm suffering from headaches, metallic taste in my mouth, feel sick after every meal even tho lacking appetite too, I'm tired more so than usual, but suffering with disturbed sleep. Sat 24th after sex I had a light bleed again and lower backache that lasted 2 days. I stopped taking the pill in 25th Nov after worrying about harming the possible baby, I haven't had a withdrawal bleed since stopping the pill which has only added to my worries. Is there a chance I could be pregnant? Help?!


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  • Hi sweety. I think you need to take a pregnancy test. I was on the pill for 5 months myself and it did'nt work on me. I still ended up getting pregant. So just take a pregnancy test and then you will know for sure. Do update me when you do,

  • Thank you for your reply! I'm convinced I am, everything seems to be pointing that way. I'll keep you updated! :)

  • i have been on the pill since i was 11 as periods made me ill would you believe! but i am not 17 weeks pregnant! and i was taking the pill with only breaks every 3 months and i took them religiously! so you never know :)

  • Thank you for your reply, no sign of a period yet!! But took a test last week and it came back negative, I'm just going to get through Christmas then see a dr!

  • Well my af came the 26th Dec, over two weeks late! It was really heavy and painful on the day it arrived but has gone 'next to nothing' now. I still think I may be pregnant, my breast are incredibly veiny and appear to be bigger but aren't painful and I've been beyond exhausted!! I'm nervous about going to the drs in case they tell me otherwise!

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