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Achey stomach!

my last period was 11th october, there are 42 days apart,

i had a scan on the 5th to see if there was any reasons why they were 42 days apart and i was told my ovaries were fine! the sonographer kept asking when my last period was, whch made me think she could see an egg :L

when i looked on the ovulation calander it said i was most fertile between the 5th and 10th november!

i had a lot of unprotected sex between these days and a couple before the 5th

So i missed my period on the 22nd november,

a couple days before i had some sharpish pains like the ones i have when i am due on, so thought i would of come on, but i dint!

The day i was due on my period i only had discharge that was kindaa stringy! and ever since the day i was supposed to bleed, when ever i eat it comes right throu me but that has stopped now, and also had headaches on and off. but that has gone to the side a bit. 2 days ago i woke up with really bad heart burn which carried on during the day and been feeling sick all day on and off for the past 2 days!! I am also constantly burping, which i never do!!

Last night i went to lay down, but it felt as if there was a bruise there, but there wasnt, and now all day today my stomach feels as if it is all bruised and strained, which it isnt, and when i shout its aches!

is this a sign i coul dbe pregnant?

Thankyouu xx

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Have you tested? It is the only way to know, after all.


Its hard to say as there could be many reasons so I wouldn't like to say yes definatly you are as it could be wrong. Have you done a pregnancy test at home preferaby a clear blue first thing in the morning if not do a test first thing in the morning clearblue digital is more accurate it tells you if your pregnant and how many weeks you are and it will also tell you if your not or you can ask your gp to do a hcg blood test that test is to see and detect the pregnancy hormone sorry if ths response doesn't make sense. I hope you get the result your looking for and best of luck


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