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How long should I wait before trying again after a miscarriage?

I miscarried last weekend, it was all very natural and complete but all I can think about is when can I get pregnant again? The nurse said wait for one or two complete cycles to pass because the lining might be a bit thin, but I just want to go for it.....anyone else done it straight away and had a successful pregnancy the second time?

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hi i think you should wait for your 1 cycle atleast coz if you try straight away then there is 50/50 chance. my 1st pergnancy was 6 month and had some problems and ended after that i waited for 1 cycle and tried again got lucky but it ended up in miscarriage at 8 then we decided to wait for 2 cycles and now i'm 19+6 weeks and Thank GOD everything is going good so far...hope this helps.


I rushed into it and didn't even wait one cycle and then lost a second pregnancy.. Thats not to say it could happen to you, but the dr did say I was a bit silly really as my body wasn't properly over the first pregnancy. I waited 2 periods this time and am now happily 15 weeks and everything is going well. I would advise that you let your body get back to normal and have a period etc and then try again. Good luck. xxx


Hi i miscarried in september at nine weeks. The doctor told me that i could start trying again as soon as the initial bleed from the miscarriage stops. He said its preferable to wait until you have had at least one normal cycle after miscarrying as it is easier to date. However he has seen plenty of people fall pregnant straight away after losing a baby and go on to have normal pregnancies. At the end of the day its a horrible fact but if your going to miscarry again it will happen regardless of how soon u try but fingers crossed it doesnt happen! The main thing my doctor said is make sure i was emotionally ready before trying again. I waited for the initial bleed to stop and started trying again. I had one normal cycle and i was due my second cycle this week however i did not come on took a test yesterday and found out im about two weeks pregnant! Im really happy but also scared that i may miscarry again. Trying not to stress out and im lolking forward to my first scan to see if everything is ok. Good luck to u hun u have had a terrible experience but u will get there xx


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