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Hi, I've just been for my 12 week scan today and the technician revised my due date to make me 11 weeks and a day. She measured baby at 12cm, is this normal for 11 weeks? I've looked online and everywhere said that baby should be only about 4-6cm. Who's right? I know the technician knows what she's talking about, but based on what I've read about size that's how big online says a 15 week baby should be. Or do I just have a large baby growing inside? I know it's a silly question really but I was just curious if anyone knew. Thanks.

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  • hi she could me the sac aswell if your worried call your midwife xx

  • Thanks for the reply, I'm not really worried, just curious. Because on the scan it says 12cm at the side, it was a little confusing, she said she'd measure him/her then said 12cm. Maybe she included the legs? But it could be the whole sac too. Who knows. xx

  • Mine said 10cm on the scan but I got put forward.a week! So I think maybe it is the size of the sac xx

  • At my scan I was 12+6 and baby measured 67mm which is normal.. 12cm is twice the size of a 12week baby.. Look at ur scan pic it will say the measurement in mm next to crl

  • I had my scan on friday at 11 weeks and 5 days and was told my baby was about 5cm but not completely sure where the measurement was taken from and to! I would ask your midwife just so you know for sure :-)

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