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Someone Please Answer, Need Advice Straight Away WORRIED?????

I am on the Yasmin Pill, i have been taking it for 1 & a half years nearly 2, my periods are always regular on the 7 day break, for the last 3 months i have not had a period on the wekk break, this has never happened before as i have always been very regular even before starting the pill, I havent missed any pills! i have taken 2 home pregnancy tests & both have came back negative (both done first thing in the morning, i have had an over the phone appointment with my doctor they said its normal which i dont feel it is, i have sickness all the time, back pain, pains in my stomach, constantly feel nakerd has anyone been in this situation really worried ??

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Pregnancy tests are usually accurate, and if your doctor indicated that it was normal, he/she is presumably taking into account information you might not be aware of (perhaps such as similar symptoms reported by other users of Yasmin pill?).

If you are still concerned or you continue to miss periods, see your doctor again but this time ask for an explanation regarding anything you don't understand.

Hope it sorts itself out.

R x


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