am i pregeant or is something wrong with me as to why i ant come on for this long ?

im 3 weeks and 2 days late and i havent had a period i have had a lot of craps in my belly ? i have taken4 test one did not work and the rest said that i wasent but bothe test had a faded line but going across the wrong way ? my line was doing his - and the other was like I what could this mean? i look at the test and it say both lines have to be like this I I if i was and if i ant the it would come up with just one line I and the other emtey . i feel like i could be i dont no what todo just need an anser plz help x


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  • lol my spelling is not that good i was ment to say cramps not craps lol x

  • Im sort of in the same situation heres my problem

    I am on the Yasmin Pill, i have been taking it for 1 & a half years nearly 2, my periods are always regular on the 7 day break, for the last 3 months i have not had a period on the wekk break, this has never happened before as i have always been very regular even before starting the pill, I havent missed any pills! i have taken 2 home pregnancy tests & both have came back negative (both done first thing in the morning, i have had an over the phone appointment with my doctor they said its normal which i dont feel it is, i have sickness all the time, back pain, pains in my stomach, constantly feel nakerd has anyone been in this situation really worried ??

    Really scared i also feel like i could be pregnant

  • Maybe you should try a really high quality test, like clear blue for example and see what the result is on that one? If it still comes up negative then the only advice i can give is to contact your Dr.

    Same to you Lolo123 if i was in your situation i would call my doctor and explain how

    You feel, dont panic tho girlies, simular questions pop up all the time so your not alone, sereval women seem to have these experiences. Good luck to you both. Hope you manage to get some answers :)

  • When I done a pregnancy test, I know this will sound weird but I didn't pee on it properly, that's propbably why one didn't show anything. If I was you pee into a clean cup/glass or tumbler then put the test in for up to 20 seconds or so then take out and wait. If your both still unsure get an appointment with your doctor they may want to take a blood sample. Wish you both luck.

  • If in doubt, you should both see your local GP. Your GP may at least be able to answer any additional concerns you have regarding late or missed periods, along with any other symptoms you're experiencing.

    R x

  • I'm in the same position Marsh- the lines on my tests also have a faint horizontal line! I'm off to the docs this week but I've been feeling weak and little nauseous. In addition I've had cramps and just feel generally yuck! Keep us updated as to how you get along and I will do the same! It's comforting to know I'm not the only one in this position! Best of luck x

  • i was in the same position as you a while ago i did have a period for about 4 months and this was due to me being very stressed, i would defiantly go to the docs and see what they say. xx

  • They also reckon if you do it first thing in the morning you get a stronger result? may be due to that?

  • Everything seems similar to me but I still had my period last wk but hv been feeling nauseous ,cramps,weakness etc,did test but it's negative,what do I do pls

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