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4 weeks pregnant! so many emotions!


I just found out I am 4 weeks pregnant with my 1st child! I am really scared but really excited at the same time,

I have really bad stomach cramps and feel really hot! is this normal?

I also think my boyfriend is a little freaked out by it all and am worried about him, what can I do to reassure him?


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I would consult your midwife/GP if you feel like this take your boyfriend wih you for reassurance


Get yourself checked out if you're worried. During the first few weeks of my pregnancy, I got frequent hot flushes, something which I didn't get with previous 2. My GP didn't seem concerned about it.


... and your boyfriend probably just needs a little time to adjust :)


Thank you everyone, it's really kind for you to reply, I woke up today for the first time I don't have stomach cramps, I'm quite an anxious person anyway so maybe it was just that!

We're telling my boyfriends father and step mum later, i think he will feel much better once we've told them...

Did anyones partner go with them to the first doctors appointment or do I just go on my own?

I am very excited, just can't wait to actually feel pregnant.. do you know what I mean?


You can take anyone with you to a doctor or midwife appointment, sometimes its better to take someone with you for moral support. Good luck and congrats. X


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