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Will I have to wait another 2 weeks to be seen by a midwife who clearly cannot be bothered?

Im about 7/8 weeks pregnant and was given a date to see midwife this Wednesday, which was a 2 week wait. Ive now had a call to say the midwife only sees people at Sure Start centre and I need to ring there. I work full time and had arranged the time for appointment with my supervisor. Im very upset as I feel I will never be seen to and feel I am yet again being penalised for working. I dont want to have to wait another 2 weeks, what can I do?

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Ring up the centreand see if you can get the appointment for wednesday. Explain to them that you work and have to arrange appointments around your work. Most women don't see a midwife until 10 weeks. You will have quite a few appointments in your pregnancy and will have to be flexible at times.

Good luck x



It's frustrating but lots of people don't event see their midwife till after their 12 week scan

The difficulty it you do have to be flexible about seeing the midwife

Legally your work have to reasonably allow you time for appointments

I'm sure it's not that they can't be bothered but they are busy. The midwife booking appointment isn't something to worry about just look forward to your scan :0))


i attended my GP when i was 6 weeks + 5 and he refered me to the midwife which i wont see until 11+2, seems there is a big wait for this around most places.


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