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Period 3 days late. 2 negative tests but pregnancy symtoms!

After some advice please. We are trying for a baby. Well this is our first month of trying. My period is 3 days late i did 2 tests both negative and this afternoon had a very pale spot of blood.

My stomach feels uncomftable, im very tired the past few afternoons about 3pm. I have thickish discharge and cramping in my lower belly and im very hot.

Could i be pregnant or am i just wishing it?

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Hhhmmm tough to call! I think the best thing to do would be to get tested by your doctor. Sometimes it can feel like symptoms but be something else.



It could be that you are pregnant (I got pregnant first month we tried) or it could be that you are super sensitive to your body and reading lots into things.

I tested negative until I was 5 days late (no symptoms at all) and the doctor did not seem surprised by this. Even at 5 days late the line on the test was very faint. I double checked by buying a 'Clear Blue Digital' test which gave a definitive answer.

Best of luck!


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