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3rd pregnancy, 6 weeks in, having period like pains but no bleeding! Still panicking, has anyone else experienced this?

Ive had 2 previous miscsrriages, 1st at 11 1/2 weeks, 2nd at 7 weeks. I am feeling more pregnant this time, im weeing loads, headaches, nausea, constipation! But the pain in my tummy and back are still very worrying and ive also felt very fluttery and faint. Really looking for some reassurance as its the weekend and I dont have a midwife yet!

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Hi hun :) , understand your concern , suggest you stay calm and try not to worry , I got a bit worried experiencing the period like cramping , and back aches too , if you want more info go on the NHS website,its quite common throughout pregnancy, and in the first trimester , cramping in the stomach is usually caused by the uterus stretching , and getting bigger. Backache can also affect you in the first and 3rd trimester especially, I experienced this , and im now 25 weeks and everything is fine , but remember anything you feel concerned about, just ask your midwife / gp , they will gladly answer :)

im experiencing pain underneath my ribs quite a lot now , which could be my ribs getting squashed by my bump, but im asking my GP about it on tuesday just to be safe :) With the dizziness , suggest you try to put your feet up, if your working, explain to your boss how your feeling when your ready to tell them your news , your employers should understand , I have experienced and still am experiencing dizziness even now, especially when walking, for more than 20 mins , putting your feet up for a small break will help at this stage , although you may need longer breaks later on.

Good luck with everything, hope this helps, but go on the NHS Direct site, if this hasnt ,

:) God Bless


p.s. call your GP if you really want more info and go for appointment asap :) x


Thank you :) am calling the docs tomorrow so will hopefully get some answers. Just having some reasurrance is allowing me to get slightly more excited.each day :). Will keep you updated!

Ps, did you find your memory went awol?! Xx


Thats ok :) , yep hopefully you should get some answers and reassurement :) it is nice when someone is able to tell you everythings fine :) , cool will look forward to updates, i dont really have anyone to talk to about everything atm , as my husband and me just relocated and i havent had a chance to meet anyone yet :) ,

and yes my memory is still going awol, I forget most things nowadays :) xx


How to find out what date I got pregnant done test this morning and it is positive spoke to gp she said 4 and half weeks but I really need to no what date I conceived I'm only 23 have no family or friends I can't talk to any one please help me thanks I am having tummy cramps and back ache as if period pain but no bleeding


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