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need some help please...x

i have been on the implant for 2years and i just got it removed on 17th July 2012 and as off today 3rd August i have had no real sign of a period, although i have had a few days of bad cramps, my question is, as me and my partner have decided to try for a baby do i need to my my period to begin before we can start... I am really confused.... What should i be doing to increase my chances other than the obsivous lol...

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Hi, I had my implant out in May after 3 years. It was 5 weeks before I had my period, then I fell pregnant straight after. We were half-heartedly trying before my period, but as I hadn't had a proper cycle, I wasn't sure when I would be ovulating. Once I'd had that first cycle, I knew everything was in good working order lol. It can take a while for your first period to come back, even though the implant hormones disappear immediately after removal, so don't panic just yet. I felt pre-menstrual for those entire first 5 weeks...

Our method of ttc, which has worked for us 3 times now, is for me to listen to my body so I know when I'm ovulating, ( slight sharp one-sided pains, mucus changes etc), and we have sex every 2-3 days once my period has finished. So far the longest it has taken was my Daughter (now 7), and that was three months :)

So my main advice would be, relax and your period will come, once that happens then you know everything is working ok, but in the mean time have fun ;)

Kind Regards x


ah thankyou so much for your reply we have been ttc but dont no if its really doing any good, we have a 3year old and i was 5weeks pregnant with him before i knew it!! and i think because i really want to be pregnant im longing for all the symptoms lol.... after i got the implant removed my whole mood completly changed and i feel so good now just trying to stay positive lol.... again thanks its good to know someone has been in my position and got a good result. x


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