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negative blood test

Until 13th of feb i had regular periods, but in march i didnt have it but april to

may i had bleeding and doctors said i had a miscarriage , but at that time i

checked urine ,all were negative, now 2 months late since i didnt get my normal

period, this time also blood test & urine test were negative, i checked my

thyoid that was also normal.... but the problem has been since 3 weeks ago am having itching

all over my body (back, tummy, around the nipples ) in the beginning i had red

tiny bumps now most of them have disappeared but i had severe itching at night. also my

tummy looks like 3 months and bloated. dry mouth, acne breakout, increased

appetite, dry cervical fluid were my other symptoms and not including other

major pregnancy symptoms. but nobody believes me ,that i am pregnant and i

feel as it is

could you pls tell me how to find out that you are excalty pregnant without

symptoms, or blood test and urine test coz i ddint get any of these positive before

my miscarriage. this time it is the same as before when i have the miscarriage.

pls can anyone answer me



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I suggest you go straight back to your GP.

Last time, if you tested too early or too late, a home test would not have picked up sufficient hormone levels to register a positive result. And I am presuming your doctor performed blood or urine tests to arrive at a miscarriage diagnosis.

You are either pregnant this time, but with low hormone levels at this stage, or you are not pregnant, and your doctor needs to know what is going on with your periods and other symptoms.

All the best.

R x


thanks d


i want to tell you that i done a two blood tests., on 6th july, 27th july , both were negative..... and since 3rd of aug i had pink , brown, red spotting.(3,4,5,aug) and 6th i had spotted after having sex. this is the second time i had this problem( i have no dryness or hard sex) but i have no clue that am going to have any periods coz no pain or cramp. still i have itching prob...i told my GP and he doest have any solution for my prob.

previously i told my GP abt my symptoms & i feel pregnant. but he said iam not...after week later i faced to a miscarriage (in may), i found it from the hospital... iam afraid it will happen this time also but GP thinks am silly.

do you have any idea whts happening to me .....




Hi Ope,

I'm certainly not qualified to give you medical advice, but if it were me I'd go back to the hospital where the miscarriage was picked up. It doesn't sound like your doctor is being very helpful in this situation, so a second opinion might help. And if there is a possibility that you are pregnant again, given the circumstances last time, the hospital may be able to offer you an early scan.

The additional days of spotting may simply be your period (it might take a while for your period to settle back into a normal pattern following a miscarriage). But there may be other reasons for your symptoms, and further investigations might be needed.

Hope this helps

All the best

R x


thanks R , to your advice.

iam hoping to ask Gp to give us a gyno dr in the hospital. coz whn we went to the hospital, they said to ask our gp to arranged that for us. so iam going to ask it from gp on this monday. hope that would be getting sorted smothly.

yesterday also had some spotting after passing the urine. will see whts going on with me.

thanks again



Best of luck, Ope. Hope it all goes well.



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