am i pregnant?? ive missed my period but i got a negative pregnancy test


iam so scared and confused . i found out i was pregnant in january and went for my 12 week scan on march 16th and found out that they baby had stopped developing and i had to have an operation to remove they baby :( my husband and i started to try again. i have had 2 periods since he miscarriage and now i have my missed my period and iam terrified. i did a pregnanncy test the day before my period was due and it was negative. is it too early??? Whn i was pregnant earlier in the year i felt pregnant had sore boobs but no morning sickness.

At the moment i dont feel pregnant and im scared that im miscarring again.

has anyone been pregnant and not had any symptoms apart from missing your period

would love some advice

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With my second pregnancy I didn't find out I was pregnant until four months had passed- it was quite odd because I didn't even put on the belly bump! This was totally unlike my first pregnancy which i recognised during conception!!! I do think it is a matter of days before you find out though- some/ most pregnancy tests are able to read the changes very early on.

Good luck!


Hiya :) I too last year in early October found out at my 12 week scan that at 9 weeks my baby had stop developing and I had in fact miscarried. In the December I found out I was pregnant again, but suffered from some bleeding and was told to prepare myself for another miscarriage, Luckily since then I've gone on to be 7 months pregnant and going strong. Try not to worry to much and assume that your going to have another miscarriage. Pregnancy tests aren't always right, so I would wait another week and give another test ago. Also all pregnancies from what I have heard are different even with the same woman , so try not comparing to the last pregnancy, it doesn't help trust me. Try not to stress or worry as it never helps and most of all good luck x


My first pregnancy I didn't realise I was pregnant till I was almost 12 weeks gone, my second I found out about 7 weeks gone and my third (I'd got the symptoms down by then :P) I knew at 3 weeks!

As others have said, each pregnancy is different. Wait another few days and then get another test done. If its still negative and you still haven't had your period go talk to your doctor, they may be able to do a blood test to check. Good luck xx


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