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7 month old started rejecting solids suddenly

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Hi lovlies hope you're all ok.

So I started weaning my boy at 5 months, he started eating baby porridge. Took a week for him to start liking it. They I gave pureed veg and fruits he took to that too. I even tried few finger foods he would eat some. We were doing so well that I was prepared to do baby led weaning.

But for abt 2 weeks now he's totally gone off it all. He cries if I t ry to hard to feed him. Lips are sealed tightly shut. I don't think he's teething he's not showing Any signs of teething. I don't know what s going on.

Anyone else experienced something like this?

19 Replies
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This can happen at any point for various reasons. Just don't force it. Put food in front of him, but take the pressure off. The more you push, the more he'll resist. He'll eat again, don't worry. And remember that food before 1 is just for fun.

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Cookies7 in reply to Mcra

Ok it's abit frustrating when I'm putting so much effort into making him stuff and it's going in the bin. Do you suggest I just try finger foods instead of purees for now.

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Mcra in reply to Cookies7

Yeah, I'd just put few finger foods. Bits of your meals, so you don't have to cook anything special. For many babies things from your plate are more appealing.By the way, my baby only started eating properly after he turned 1.

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Would agree with Mcra, for before 1 is just for fun and milk should still be for the majority of nutrition. I would just give a few finger food for them to mess about with and if anything goes on consider it a bonus.I don't really make anything special for my 2nd she just got a smaller portion of my dinner or her sisters dinner. If they're ready for solids they'll be interested in picking it up and tasting it.

Although the recommended age for solids is 6 months some children aren't really ready then, and have no interest in solids, my first child wasn't interested until nearly her first birthday, my second was eating blueberry pancakes by herself a week after we started weaning and never looked back, they're all different.

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Cookies7 in reply to Seb9

Oh thats reassuring to hear thanks. I guess you have to go with the flow with your kids not follow what others are doing.

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hi last week my child had the same problem and i went to gp. He has tonsillitis. That's why he was not eating food. I think you should check your child's mouth.

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Cookies7 in reply to Dilpreet123

I had him checked we thought he might have an ear infection as he just recovered from one 2 weeks prior.

How would I tell if he has tonsillitis? Without taking him gp I mean

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Dilpreet123 in reply to Cookies7

You can make an appointment for that. If you feel that he is crying or has a slight fever then you can understand.

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Cookies7 in reply to Dilpreet123

Ok thankyou I'll have a lookout for those signs

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My son is now 2. I remember he did this also. I figured it was just boredom. I mean let's face it, would you eat porridge tasting like that or blended up veg every day? My son just got fed up. Try something different. Even try a few of those Ella's pouches for a change so you're not wasting time or food. I honestly wouldn't go putting in tons of effort to make him food at this age. They don't get any nutrition from it at all. Their stomachs are so small. They barely have any of it. Just keep him having the milk and keep trying but don't go overboard with the blended up stuff. We used to blend up bits of veg and put them in little containers in the freezer

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Cookies7 in reply to Carlym81uk

Hahha you have a point. Funny thing is porridge was the thing he ate best. But currently won't have it. My health visitor said try finger foods and I'm running out of safe ideas. So went back to purees as I wanted him to get some good stuff down him. Plus with finger foods he would just sit there squashing things and not actually eating. But you're right they have small stomachs and can't consume much anyway.

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Carlym81uk in reply to Cookies7

My son only ate the porridge too- then suddenly not. It's just that- boredom! x

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don’t have anything to add here except that Joe wicks wean in 15 I found great for recipe ideas and stuff that could then feed whole family too so less effort. Also has age stage suggestions to what’s appropriate. But the quicker you get to versions of what you are eating the less challenging it becomes and you are preparing them to eat the stuff you eat into toddler hood. Sounds like you are doing great xxx

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Hi from experiences,and work etc babies can teeth at any time that's 1 thing I've taught alot mummies a d they appreciate that. Some babies can be born with teeth some just takes time. It could be many reasons. Maybe change his food? Also could be cramps? To much gas possibly? Some babies they could be just over tired to point they ain't hungry? Maybe turn it into a game so they know it's a funny game where they can eat at the same time as some babies like entertainment with food to point they have little laughters. Give it ago and keep me updated. Any advice u need just honesty ask me. Any worries I'm just a message away. Also dont stress to much if he not eatting as it could be where baby picking up on that. Another thing a reason they go through these funny stages if they dont see u eat then they wont eat there selfs so maybe change food routine and have a little snack with baby to courage them that it's ok to eat food? Xx

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Cookies7 in reply to nikkimatt2019

Hey, thanks for that really appreciate it. I have a feeling its because he nearly chocked on something he was eating and I had to get my finger in there to get it out. Since thinking about it all that's what I think has happened but then again I could be wrong. Babies are so unpredictable.

He loves grabbing something that I'm eating but it's nit always something safe for him. But yes I will try the things you just mentioned. Thanks again

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nikkimatt2019 in reply to Cookies7

Hi yes could be many reasons. Even if its blending it up for him just keep eye on him honestly u are doing a great job.

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A good idea so as to not waste food is to put purees in an ice block tray so you have small portions ready to go as needed.

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I think take your time. I started with porridge, the box stuff you can get from Sainsbury's. It's called baby rice and one called banana porridge. It's very smooth and easy to go down. Then I started squashing up some simple soft fruits like banana and mango and spooning that in which he liked because they were sweet. I boiled up some apples and mushed them into a puree so they were smooth and easy to go down. And all of it was just a little bit at a time. Only once a day to begin with, with the rest being milk.

He got used to it and now at just turned 9 months he is chowing down 3 meals a day with a snack and sides. He's like Henry the Hoover now but he wasn't always like that. It's a slow journey. Keep going.

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Cookies7 in reply to Jogsandwalks

Thanks I've tried offering him stuff. For the past 2 days he's started eating porridge again so will try what you said soon

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