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Introducing baby solids- hints and tips

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Hey all,

My baby girl will be 5 months in a week and I am beginning to think about how to introduce solids. Although she is not yet six months, she is beginning to show signs she is ready. She can sit up with minimal support and can can grab things to mouth them. I am keen to hear about people’s experiences of introducing solids to your little ones. It will be good to know when you did it and how you did it as well as any advice on what to look out for?

Also, DH and I are debating when and I am not sure wether I need to wait until she is 6 months old which we see as a guide or if a couple of weeks before and after would not matter. Anyone introduce solids before your little one turned 6 months? How did it go?

Furthermore, DH is keen on purées and I am keen on baby led weaning so I am thinking of doing a combination of both. Does anyone have experience of doing this??

Thanks in advance.

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I'm doing baby led weaning, started at 7 months. A week one way or the other won't make a difference, but I'd recommend waiting till then, there's no benefit of starting early, only risks. I find blw fun and easy as I can give baby what we're eating (with some modifications). There's a lot of cleaning (regardless of method) so I recommend coverall bibs and a mat on the floor. And find a chair that's easy to clean too. Good luck!

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JoyfulStar in reply to Mcra

Thank you! Really appreciate the recommendations. I already have a shortlist of high chairs and yes easy to clean is a top requirement.

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Mcra in reply to JoyfulStar

It's so exciting to start. I forgot to say that should you wish to you can offer purees in a baby led way, so preload the spoon but let baby put it in their mouth. Up to you of course and what you think your baby will react to better. I do that with porridge, soups and sauces. Though porridge creates a lot of mess, but then I found out about porridge fingers - so much better, easy to make, and baby likes them.

I’ve always done a mix of finger foods and blended/mushed. Babies 2&3 started around 5 months beca they were literally stealing food from my plate, baby number 1 was closer to 7months. I started with baked sweet potato, avocado either in strips or mushed and banana. All good finger foods or easily mashed without having to cook 😆

Thank you so much. It is reassuring to know babies can be fed solids from 5 months. Your food choices sound great and easy- right up my street 💕

I did a combo - started my little one at 6 months. So initially did just veg (one or two pieces steamed) with a bit mashed on the side. My little one prefers finger food so have moved quickly through and onto mainly finger food/ our meals - v messy but satisfying to see how well he gets on with self feeding. Agree with comments on getting coverall bib and splash mat to save time!

I used ‘how to wean your baby’ book for tips and there’s useful info on the different methods and pros / cons which might sway your hubby!

Thank you so much. He is not against it per se but is a bit old school 😆

We will definitely try both to see what our daughter takes to.

It's a great idea to do combined. Juat remember, once they are 6 months you don't have to do puree...mashed is OK too, that with a few bits they can pick up is good too. I gave up on baby led weaning, twins was too much mess but I let them have things of a lesser mess to pick up. I think it's better to wait the 6 months then you can hit the ground running! Good

Ps Ella's kitchen has suggestions for wearing menu wise. Start on veggies etc.

Great advice and tips. Thank you so much, Definitely can see why you say waiting the six months can mean you hit the ground running.

This is why hubby thinks we can start purées now and move on from there.

If you try to join any baby led weaning groups, don't say you're doing a bit of both or they don't let you join.

Baby led doesn't include puree baby food or spoon feeding so if you do that you're aren't technically being baby led. It's quite strict about being led by baby and not being fed by parent.

I did some purees and finger food like soft coffee broccoli, curry and rice mashed up really well.

The lean in 15 guy has a wean in 15 that's meant to be good and I like the Anabelle Karmel books for recipe ideas.

I also signed up to a course that our council health care team team and weaning that was quite helpful. Especially looking at some of the children's food available and how they're are cheaper healthier alternatives. Like instead of baby porridge I used ready brek.

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JoyfulStar in reply to Seb9

Thank you. The division between the two camps is baffling to me so not intending to join any groups. I have started doing my research and I get the basic idea.

Thanks for the book recommendations and the council course. I will see if my local council does anything similar.

Just make sure you take into consideration that just like adults, just because something tastes nice doesn’t mean lots is good for them, my OH would keep going and keep going, his idea being that because she liked it she wanted more but at this age it’s not healthy for them, milk is what they need, also the 6 months mark is to do with the stomach being ready to digest what it’s being given, like some have said one week is neither here nor there but if a 6 month old was 4 weeks Prem then their stomach development is still only at 5 months

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Thanks for the link and advice. Our baby girl is still exclusively on breast milk. We plan to introduce solids incrementally so breast milk will still be the main source of nutrition for several months yet.

I weaned my first just before 6 months. I think as long as they can hold up their head and sit up then it’s safe to do so. I did a combination of purée and finger food. I started with porridge for breakfast and then soft fruits such as bananas, cucumbers (with skin peeled) and chop then into long thin sticks. Then the purées to begin with were vegetables and then gradually introduced more flavours, eventually I was making meals like cottage pies but just putting babies in the blender. I followed Annabel Karmel, she has some great recipes and advice from the start of weaning and great recipes for all the family when baby is bigger.


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Thank you for sharing your experience and good recommendations. Your suggestion sound like what I had in mind 💕

We started a bit before 6 months ( a week or so) as she was taking stuff from our plates and big sister etc and so we really weren't given much choice. With my first I did a mix but honestly this time I didn't have the time to be cooking individual veg and pureeing and freezing cubes of it etc before hand. We did a couple of days of single flavours in steamed finger foods. Then she just had ours as it was she loved it tried everything, refused anything pureed also any help from us. I found joining the blw Facebook groups helped know how to cut things up safely like sausages etc. Also recipes from what mummy makes (rebecca wilson) and eating with the kids were so useful. Food we can all eat that's safe from 6 months has definitely been the way to go for us

Thank you. Although she stares at our food, she has not yet taken stuff from our plates but I have a feeling it will not be long now. I may wait for that before introducing solids. Thanks again x

Hey! My babies are four months old and I’ve been advised to start weaning due to my son having bad reflux. I’m a little nervous about it as my babies can’t sit unaided but we’ve been reassured that it’s okay to start them on puréed food. I’m starting with one meal a day, puréed veg. We’ve ordered high chairs from Tutti Bambi that have a newbaby fixture so they can sit in those. Ella’s Kitchen is also sending me a new weaning starter pack which was free when you sign up, so maybe check that out?

Anyway, I was advised to start with veg first rather that sweet foods; so cauliflowers, spinach type thing and then introduce a new flavour every two days.

I’m reading a book called How To Wean Your Baby by Charlotte Stirling-Reed that seems quite good, although it is about weaning from 6 months so I’m starting a little earlier!

It’s scary but a little exciting too! Xx

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JoyfulStar in reply to XOXO13

Thank you for sharing. Isn’t it amazing how the advice changes? I have decided that you have to do what is best for your baby.

I am also very excited! Hubby and I have agreed to start her on puréed foods in a couple of weeks. Like you we are also starting with vegetables once a day but we decided to use veggies that we usually eat lots of. We will do it in weekly stretches to create less work.

Our baby girl can seat unaided for a very short time but not upright. Most babies that start solids at 6 months still can’t seat unaided so I think your boys will be fine. Also as you are sticking to puréed foods there should be no choking risk.

I already bought a starter pack from John Lewis that I will be picking up today. It was approximately £16.00 so quite good value. Also I think your high chair is on my shortlist. I am waiting till we move to buy her one. Hopefully it will be in the next 4 weeks or so.

Let me know how it goes with your boys. 💕

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