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5 weeks tomorrow and symptoms reduced

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Hi all, I am newly pregnant and have noticed that in the last 5 days my symptoms have reduced a lot… Slightly nervous about this and about my viability scan in 2 weeks… 🙈hoping for a heartbeat! Any idea why symptoms disappear and has it happened to anyone else? Is it a bad thing? Can’t believe I am praying for morning sickness 😬

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Hi lovely, try not to worry too much. Symptoms fluctuate throughout pregnancy as your body gets used to the levels of hormones. They even out then increase again so rarely stay stable.

It’s also quite early for symptoms - I didn’t really get any until about 15 weeks when my boobs started hurting. Xx

Hi Millbanks😊 oh great thank you! I have so I’ll before so it was quite a change not feeling quite as rubbish. Good to know so thanks again for the insights

I think every pregnancy is different too so just because you felt one way last time doesn’t mean it’ll be the same. Try not to worry xx

Thank you . Fingers crossed

Mine nausea came and went a lot that early and wasn't awful. When it really hit (I think after my viability scan) it was constant, intense and all day for days on end, then some days I woke up and felt ok for 5 minutes, other days I got through almost a whole day - I had a mix of relief and worry each time the nausea went. I had it fairly badly until around 16 weeks then it's been much more random since. I guess it could be the same at the beginning as the hormones ramp up. Plus some women get hardly any symptoms or none at all.

Thank you very much. I am sure that what will happen will happen… just a bit hard just sitting here waiting and not knowing

You may be able to get an HCG test with you doctor, or I did them with a private online company. Also saw you're spotting - this is common in the early stages and as soon as I stopped progesterone this happened and is till happening constantly to me (so it would probably have been happening all along if I hadn't been on progesterone). Had it checked a lot - because it is really worrying but it's all fine. But if you're worried, it would also be worth checking with your clinic or EPU. x

Thank you, it really helps hearing from those who have been through it. I know you get it! My clinic says that 8-9 out of 10 of the patients have spotting or bleeding.. sometimes throughout the 1st trimester.. so at least I know I am not the exception but rather the rule.. they have now put me in bed rest for the day and I was told to stop the Clexane and aspirin until I am 48 hours without spotting. I guess now it’s just wait and see what the viability scan shows. There’s been no bright blood or painful cramping thus far so 🤞🏽 I think I will do one of the online HCG jobbies on Monday and see what bees it brings.

I have to say.. your morning sickness sounds horrendous.. I thought it would be all plain sailing after 12 weeks 😳 I hope you will feel better and wish you a healthy pregnancy💕

Hey lovely,

Most symptoms before 6 weeks are the drugs rather than the pregnancy so try not to worry. With both of mine, the nausea kicked in around 6 weeks and then everything else followed 🥴 Not everyone gets symptoms either so you might be one of the lucky ones (although I know they can be reassuring!)xx

And now… spotting😞

Hi pumpkin not to worry everybody experiences things different. I’m only having morning sickness at 14 weeks and not actually in morning. I also had spotting which I was very nervous about , but it went gradually it was old blood leaving . So nothing to worry about . Your first scan will be fine . Stay positive girl ❤️

Thank you Rennxo.. that is very reassuring. And a big congrats on your pregnancy and I am glad things are going well😊

It is a shock when you see blood.. even this light pink whatever it was… it but I’ll hope for things to be ok. Had some more spotting this morning.. but it looked almost black so must be very old🤞🏽

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