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Prenatal supplements without iron

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Howdy folks, I just want to see how people are doing with their prenatal supplements. Which brand they're taking and if they've had any issues like I have.

I settled on the Sea Seas Pregnancy brand of supplements and have been taking them religiously since week 12. And since then my constipation and bloating has been horrendous. Sometimes I have to resort to Dulcosoft liquid (which is amazing btw) to stop the bloating or Dulcoease to get things moving. I've even more or less become vegetarian to get things to go down more swiftly.

Anywho, staring at my poo the other day I noticed the colour was very dark and it was diarrhoea (I'm so sorry for the over share). But I also know this is a sign of too much iron and your body trying to get rid of the iron which makes dark stools. After asking Dr Google for advice, I found iron causes constipation. EUREKA! It's the iron in my supplements.

Now I've stopped taking my supplements the bloating has eased and my poo is solid once again - hurrah!

Now I'm trying to find supplements without iron because I must be sensitive to it. Does anyone know any prenatal supplements that don't contain iron? Or has any taken any supplements which haven't caused so much bloating and constipation? All advice greatly appreciated.

So sorry for the over share on my stool consistency 😔.

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I had this bloating and constipation problem severely in the 1st trimester. The black poo is caused by the iron. I've tried both Pregnacare and Procieve and they do the same, I guess it's just iron, if you need it that's what it comes with. I looked up less gassy foods to eat but it's probably not compatible with being veggie.

Hi, I just take folic acid and vit d supplements. Also suffered constipation in first trimester due to progesterone supplements so couldn't face going down the multi-vit route. Spoke to midwife and she said it was fine - it's mainly vitamin d they recommend.You could just get the separate ones for what you are looking for - they are also super cheap.

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Suzukisv650 in reply to LB1234

I do the same, take a vitamin D and a folic acid tablet daily, as except for the specific pregnancy vitamins all multi vitamins seem to contain vitamin A. Got my vitamin D from Boots as the regularly have offers like 3 for 2 etc, so 180 tablets were only about £3. I've not had any problems with constipation or diarrhoea, but I think a certain amount of wind is just a side effect of pregnancy!

Hiya. Like a couple of other above I also just take folic acid and vitamin d as separate tablets, and I also take omega 3 fish oils. I had bloating and constipation in the first trimester but I’m much better now I’m in my second.

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Shem008 in reply to Rainbow_1989

I don’t mean to alarm but please double check with your midwife about taking Omefa 3 from fish oil. I think the guidance is to have it from plant sources because of the risk of taking in too much vitamin A x

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Rainbow_1989 in reply to Shem008

Thank you. Omega 3 is ok, it’s cod liver oil that isn’t due to the vitamin A.

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Shem008 in reply to Rainbow_1989

I didn’t know that. Thanks 😊 (and sorry if you were annoyed at my comment) xx

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Rainbow_1989 in reply to Shem008

Not at all 🙂

I had the same problem. I have switched from Pregnacare multivitamins tablets to Pregnacare vitamins gummies which have less iron on them and I don't feel bloated or constipated anymore.

My constipation was so horrid that I stopped them and just took folic acid and vitamin d. In the end, I felt like I was missing out so went back on multivitamins and chose the pregnacare dummies as they half the iron I think. I'm tolerating them a lot better but it's not great... I've settled into a rhythm of pooing every 48 hrs for the last 4 months.. I've decided that will have to do. Good luck xo

Gosh, I'd take one 48 hours, as long as it was a good dump. I have to settle for a pity poo whenever it feels like it.

Thanks for all replies everyone. I think I'm going to settle on the separate supplements of folic and vitamin D and other vits then try and avoid iron altogether. Its nice to know that other people have experienced these struggles too. Thanks for the advice

I've tried various multi vits and found they always gave me some sort of side affect. I now use 'Together' pregnancy multi vit and mineral, it's been great! totally recommend!

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