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Early pregnancy scan measuring nearly 3 weeks out! Is this heard of?

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Hello, just wondering if anyone has had the same experience as me and if this is possible.

I went for an early scan today as I had bleeding 12 days ago. I am not 100% about my dates but judging by my LMP I should be 10 weeks 3 day however scan is saying 7 weeks 5 days.

If I am truly 7 weeks 5 days that would mean I conceived 34 days into my cycle. I have been tracking my last 3 cycles and they were 31/30 days. Is it even possible to conceive that late in your cycle?

I put myself at around 9 weeks minimum and according to these days the bleeding I had would have been at 7 weeks + 5.

I am worried the baby has stopped growing when the bleeding happened and even though there is a heart beat it’s not a good sign. I know they will not give me another scan as the bleeding has stopped so I’ll be waiting another 4 weeks to know if everything is okay.

Has anyone had any experience with dates being behind 2/3 weeks?

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I didn't have an early pregnancy scan but my first baby based on my estimations she was due on 1 July but then at 12 weeks scan they pushed me back to 29th July. I then had to be induced 25 July so you can be pushed back and everything will be fine. Hope everything goes well for you

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Thank you, I hope so too x

Hi there, not had exactly the same experience but I had an early scan at around 6.5w which put me several days earlier than I'd expected. I then had a private scan at 10/11w which put me several days ahead - in all there was a 10 day difference between the dates measured at both scans. The lady at the later scan said when the scan is early it's not always as accurate. I then had a scan at 12w which confirmed the second one. So possible that your dates are a little out but not to the extent that it currently seems?Maybe worth considering a private scan in a few weeks if that's an option for you to give you peace of mind. Although it's a great sign if there is a heartbeat and I'm sure they'd have asked you in for a follow up if they were at all concerned.

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Thank you for your reply, it is possible I ovulated later as I wasn’t tracking my ovulation, I just thought I’d be at least 9 weeks (if I ovulated day 23). Maybe the scan is just a week or so out and all is well. I will see how I go but with it constantly being on my mind I think I’ll book a private scan in two weeks.

I went for my dating scan 12+1 after the first day of my last period and was dated as 9+3. I then went back again when I would have been 12+6 by the new dates and was re-dated as 13+5. I wouldn’t worry, it could just be that you ovulated late that particular month.

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Thank you for your reply, it’s interesting how the dates change, I thought they were more accurate in the early stages. I think it’s possible I ovulated late and the dates of the scan are out by a week or so. Well I’m hoping that’s the case.

My doctors said the scan may be out by a 2 weeks or so. According to your long period 30-31 day,I think it's absolutely normal for you. But I didn't get about bleeding, did you have it after got pregnant?

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Thank you, and yes I had the bleeding when I was pregnant. Based on my scan dates I would have been 6 weeks on the dot when I had the bleeding (19 days ago today).

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Look, what I understood,from my experience,that it was menstruation because of late ovulation. If it finished and you feel good it's your normal symptoms.And read a lot how girls didn't knew about pregnancy as they menstruation going usually but after gave a born healthy child 🤗

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