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5 weeks pregnant & petrified of covid

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I've just found out I'm pregnant which is a dream come true. However I've been really struggling to cope with anxiety about covid. Literally not able to sleep because I'm worrying about work, travel, weddings, etc that we have been invited to and the covid risk.

I have had both vaccines, but am scared about catching it and what it might mean for this baby which is so precious to me.

Has anyone here had covid during 1st trimester and everything turned out ok? Would love to know as it might help me to worry less.

Thank you!

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You have already done one of the best things to protect yourself by being vaccinated 🙂 So far, there is no evidence it causes miscarriage. We don’t know yet if there might be other negative effects on the foetus as the virus hasn’t been around long enough, but I am hopeful they won’t be common. If you work, tell them so they can risk assess you and if needed modify your environment or work. You are classed as clinically vulnerable as a pregnant person and they have to at least risk assess you. Keep up with masking, distancing, hand washing etc.

I completely understand the fear of COVID- I’m 40, first pregnancy after 2 rounds of IVF costing 10k, and it feels like my last shot at this. I didn’t get a jab before I was pregnant due to timing of the cycle and being offered a jab, and then waited until after 1st trimester to get my first. Work have been very understanding as they know what it took to get here. I still only meet people outdoors, disinfect my grocery shopping, and won’t go into shops unless I absolutely have to. Do the best you can to keep yourself safe and with your jabs on board you’ll be fine xx

Thanks so much for your kind response. I will definitely try to stay safe. Really hope that your pregnancy goes well, what lovely news! It's a strange time between feeling excited/scared/uncertain - especially during this covid time. It will be a story to tell the children in the future I suppose! :)

I hope all goes well for you too 🙂 Yes it will definitely make an interesting story about being conceived in a pandemic! xx

Amazing that you’re double vaccinated. I read in RCOG that 95% of pregnant women who are in hospital with Covid complications are unvaccinated. This is a huge stat that should help your mind rest easy. Also on RCOG, the complications with Covid and pregnancy usually come in the final trimester (premature birth etc) rather than in the beginning so try and relax that you’re doing all you can and by getting vaccinated you are so protected xxx(I’m 34 weeks and have been double vaccinated)

Thanks for your kind message! Wishing you a happy rest of your pregnancy - not long to go now! :)

I tested positive for covid when I was 7-8 weeks pregnant and was double vaccinated. I was very worried about the health of the baby bit didn’t get much help or advice at this stage. Fortunately, covid came out as a very minor cold for me with the odd headache. It only took me less than a week to recover and I lost my taste and smell (which came back about 4 weeks later).

I’m now almost 16 weeks pregnant and since then I’ve had two scans and numerous blood tests. Everything seems to be fine so far (touch wood) and I couldn’t be happier that I was double jabbed when I tested positive. The midwife has asked me a few times if a booster jab becomes available in winter, would I take it if offered it. So seems like they are already working on a third jab for vulnerable people.

Try not to worry too much and enjoy being pregnant and attending social events (it’s great when everyone is fussing over you being pregnant- I’ve ad a lovely time so far!) It’s probably inevitable we are all going to catch covid at some point during this pandemic unfortunately but you’ve definitely done the right thing to protect yourself and your baby by getting vaccinated!

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Thanks so much for your message. It is hard to know what is reasonable to do at this stage when it comes to socialising! I'm naturally quite anxious, but I also don't want to waste these next 9 months worrying, especially since I've always dreamed of being pregnant/a mum one day :) really glad you recovered okay and are doing well, and hope it continues. Exciting times! Thanks again :)

I had a baby before the vaccine was even available it's much better now you are vaccinated I couldn't even leave the house I imagine everything is much better now if you feel better you can wear a mask outside I wasn't allowed a partner to scans it was terrible you are most probably in a better position now

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Thanks for your kind response! You are so right, I am definitely lucky. I'm sorry you had to go to appointments alone, I can imagine it was a scary time. I hope you're doing well.

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My anxieties were very high as I had a previous misscarrige before my darling angel arrived and I was very scared of hearing those words again .I had to have a lot of private scans for peace of mind and only the private ones could I bring a partner knocking back over £100 each scan.a lot of mummies who had babies then had to go down the private path as we weren't even being seen to regularly.you will be absolutely fine just keep your distance and go out when necessary x

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I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. I can't imagine how unnerving it must have been after that, and can completely understand why it would be important to have additional scans especially at this time. I'm so glad that your angel finally arrived though 💓 I imagine they are so very loved and cared for :)

Aww - I understand where you are coming from! I was pregnant last year in the height of the pandemic (pretty much locked down for all of it, and even when I gave birth). Just do the best you can to protect your bubble!

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