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Do you have to go the hospital/see your doctor if you have a miscarriage at home?

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Hi all, had an early scan on Thursday where they couldn’t find a heartbeat and said baby was measuring 7 weeks when I should been at 10 weeks. Doctor said it may end up as a m/c or could just be my dates were wrong and to come back in 10 days (next Monday) for another scan.

On Saturday night I’m pretty certain it happened, heavy bleeding and intense cramps.

I called the early pregnancy unit to ask if I should come in earlier than the next scan is booked for an was told to wait till next Monday as they don’t like to do two scans so close together, but she did say if I had heavy bleeding to come straight in, but I did have heavy bleeding already that’s since settled into more of medium flow.

I’ve never had a m/c before so I’m just wondering is it ok/safe to just pass at home or am I running the risk of an infection or something by not getting seen to straight away?

Thanks for any advice.

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If you already have a second scan booked in, you could probably just wait for this scan to get confirmation as to whether you've had a miscarriage and if the miscarriage is complete. They'll be able to tell you at this scan if you'd need any further treatment and advise you on your options. If I were you I would only go to hospital if you were filling pad after pad within hours with blood, had any really bad severe pains or any sign of fever.

Hey there, so sorry to hear of your experience and loss. I would agree that the planned scan would be suitable. However, if you begin feeling unwell and or have a high temperature I’d call the early pregnancy unit straight away to be seen sooner. Look after yourself with plenty of TLC x

I’m so sorry you are experiencing this loss! I would also agree that it is good to go for the next scan and wait until then if they have already detected a missed miscarriage (which is what you are describing - a baby that stopped growing at 7 weeks but showed no signs of miscarriage until now).

It is also good to do a pregnancy test after the bleeding stops to check that all tissue has passed and there is no remaining pregnancy tissue. It shouldn’t be negative about a week or two after the miscarriage.

The reason they might want to see you sooner is an ectopic but if they have already seen that the embryo was in the right place, that becomes less of a risk. If you do have sharp or intolerable pain however please do go to A&E.

Thanks ladies for your kind words and comments. I ended up calling the out of hours doc who said to go to a+e. The nurse I met wasn’t too pleased that this happened on the Saturday and I waited till Monday to go to hospital.

I ended up being admitted overnight and had a scan early this morning to confirm a loss and I’ve to go back next week for the scan I already had booked in to make sure everything has passed.

I probably could of waited for the follow up scan but I guess they wanted to keep me for observation and also did a swab to rule out infection.

Just want to leave this info here for anyone else in future on the same scenario. X

Well done you for calling 111 for reassurance and guidance, exactly what they’re there for. Far better than our advice!I’m glad you’ve been well taken care of in such a horrible situation. Be kind to yourself xx

Thanks so much Xxxx

If it helps, I’ve been through this situation previously and I have gone on to have future successful pregnancies.But that’s maybe something to think about at another time. Take some time and rest for now.

Thanks it’s does help, in fact nearly every nurse I met told me the same thing which is very comforting. I just never thought I’d be part of this club I really thought it wouldn’t happen to me so I feel a bit blindsided but im sure everyone thought the same u til it happened X

I was the opposite! Many of my friends had miscarriages so I felt so anxious it would happen and when it did I felt so guilty that I had ‘wished it to happen’ which of course I didn’t.I’m sure time will help xx

Oh no that’s a tough thought process to go through! Just shows everyone has such a different response. Yeah I’m written off work for two weeks which I actually didn’t want I totally but the nurse said the the same, take some time so I will! Thanks again for sharing your experience X

Hi there, I feel your pain as I had 6 miscarriages myself and 3 healthy kids 6, 3 and 1. I'm sure if you had so much bleeding by now your womb is empty and there is nothing left to cause an infection. It's very upsetting and I've gone through it and know your pain. Just relax, don't rush things and take it easy. When you less expect it then it all happens for the best. I was absolutely healthy and they used to tell me try and try again. But if your body doesn't accept it then it's something wrong. Everything happens for a reason. Just believe, and you will hopefully have a healthy pregnancy and be a happy mummy soon. All the best. Xxx

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share that with me. I am getting a lot of that too like you’re young and healthy etc. So I’m definitely optimistic! Thanks again X

So sorry to hear about your experience. I had a miscarriage in February and I was 8 weeks. I didn’t go to the doctor or hospital, I was pretty sure what was happening. Just as long as you’re not soaking your pads (really heavy bleeding) and you don’t have a fever or anything like that. I had a follow up scan about 6 days after it happened, they need to check to make sure that all of the pregnancy tissue has come out as this can cause problems if not so do make sure you go to your follow up scan. Xx

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